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  • premier sand setter in the format
  • good bulk + it being weak to everything makes it super easy to abuse/proc WP, dynamax being a thing helps as well
  • lacks offensive power needed to break through fatter mons
  • prone to getting burned and struggles to do much against constant intimidate shuffling

name: Weakness Policy
move 1: Rock Slide
move 2: Crunch
move 3: Superpower
move 4: Protect
item: Weakness Policy
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Adamant
evs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def

Set Description
Dual STABs + Fighting coverage basically covers everything in the metagame. Simple Max/Max spread to take advantage of the boost given by weakness policy and also for Tyranitar to eat more hits. Potentially throwing some of the atk into spe to outspeed draga at +2/under tailwind on teams that are able to consistently utilize Tailwind/Max Airstream for speed control(?)

Usage Tips
  • bring this in to set sand anytime
  • or to soak non SE hits
  • can dynamax to take stronger SE hits better and proc WP
  • can also dynamax to reset sand if you're in a spot where you cannot afford to switch
  • watch out for burns

Team Options
  • mostly found on sand
  • maybe u can try slapping this on other balance builds solely for coverage purposes but then that just worsens the sand matchup 9/10 times, literally just use rhyperior

Other Options
  • bulky taunt/sr
  • choice band
  • life orb
  • maybe put the berry sets here?
  • passho/shuca/babiri
  • assurance

Checks and Counters

**Water-types**: Rotom-W cripples it with WOW, Dracovish Vishes it, Ludicolo bops it in rain

**Corviknight**: Sits in front of this thing and just ignores it

**Fighting-types**: Kommo-O gets to set up for free in front of this thing, scrafty/conk take nothing from its stabs and can switch in pretty freely against, loads of stuff (eg. braviary) also got reliable fighting coverage this gen that can severely dent Tyranitar

**Ground-types**: Excadrill sits in front of it for most parts and just throw out max grounds/steels against this thing, Rhyperior eats the Superpower and gets free WP boosts, Gastrodon sort of walls it and can threaten w scald burns so Tyranitar doesnt exactly want to stay in against it

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I've been running Brick Break instead of Superpower, as I've been playing against a lot of screen setters. While it does hit for less damage than Superpower, I like having the option to remove otherwise annoying screens, and it doesn't drop Ttar's defenses, which I think is important when running WP.

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