Gen 6 Ubers Gengarite Suspect Alt Confirmation Thread

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My Vote: Do not ban Gengar
My Reasoning Paragraph: To start off, all of those who made it to this point of voting have dealt with Gengar and hold their own opinions on it. However, they must have had to get over it to get here. Gengar as a pokemon deserved to be moved to Ubers, however, it should be in no way suspect in the first place. Mega Gengar is counterable with an incredible amount of ubers, some including Mewtwo, Groudon, Darkrai, and Giratina. Adding to these requires some predection skills, but Arceus, a well used sucker punch or ANY pokemon with Earthquake. Now I realize that alot of people considered Shadow Tag uncompetitive, yet it never became a problem with Gothilelle or Wobbeffet, one having an extremely similar moveset and the other having an extremely effective moveset. The only difference is people not being able to deal with a genuinely great pokemon. In contrast to most, I think that Mega Gengar is en EXTREMELY competitive pokemon, as a player may have to work their own team to combat it, or sacrifice a pokemon to get the upperhand. Mega Gengar is a great pokemon with certain movesets, but alot of the time fails to set up the taunt and dbond, and with defenses that cannot take a single hit from a super effective, proves to be a pokemon that cannot stand up to a large portion of pokemon. And lastly, a pokemon should NEVER be banned entirely from the entire metagame. Ubers is a tier for the best of the best, which Mega Gengar is, however, banning it would just be catering to those too lazy to persevere and those who do not have the skill to find a strategy around it.
I have reached the requirements:

Username here: FreeButter
On PS: FreeButter

My vote of the ban of Gengarite: I vote to ban Gengarite.
Reasoning: One point in Special Attack from a Timid Mega-Gengar is higher than Modest Palkia/Kyogre's Special Attack. That is insane. Not only that, but the ability to remove almost any Pokemon in the Ubers meta is broken alone. Destiny Bond, Taunt, Perish Song, a plethora of coverage moves like for example Thunder, Sludge Wave, Focus Blast, Hp Fire, you have many options. Your team does not like Scizor? Hp Fire. Your team does not like Xerneas? Sludge Wave. Your Zekrom need Groudon gone so it can sweep? Destiny Bond. Your team hard walled by Blissey? Perish Song. It has you covered on many fronts of what it can remove for your team, and is an incredibly hard hitter with aforementioned Special Attack. The base 130 speed it has greatly backs it up to get the Destiny Bond off much easier than most can, and coupled with Taunt and the ability to trap with Shadow Tag, you will most definitely lose a Pokemon. Adding onto that, if the opponent is an excellent Gengar user, he will Mega+Destiny Bond to screw over a scarfer that you attempt to switch into that turn, and can heavily cripple you if you needed it for anything else. With that, it also causes 50/50's too. Will he Taunt the Groudon as your attempt to Stealth Rock or Roar? Or will he Destiny Bond predicting the EQ? You never know. That is why I believe this ban will be necessary.

EDIT: I managed to get the image working, but I will keep this link here just in case:

It was fun to participate in this suspect test, the team that I used in the screenshots is what got me through. I saved a replay of why you need hazards or a good answer to Shedinja as a for fun thing:

EDIT: With the change to my username, my post has been updated.
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I got my requirements in about a couple hours worth of laddering (over the course of 3 nights, didn't battle every day though). I'll probably post a big ass post in the suspect thread when I get the chance, but I think most of yall know my opinion (spoiler: I'm not in favor of banning shadow tag or gengarite :P)

Also, damn getting requirements was a lot easier than I expected. Maybe I'm too used to the shoddy ladder of the old, or how nasty battle spot can get higher up (One night I actually laddered on both battle spot and Ubers at the same time, that was a really dumb idea because I ended up misclicking a bunch in both rofl). And yeah, the team I used in the corner was the only team I used (I did swap out HP Fire for Focus Blast on Xerneas later though, rofl I had Heatran problems). Its a very silly double Shadow Tag team, that coincidentally has a Pokémon from every gen in it. Double Shadow Tag is pretty nasty when you pull it off... but considering how little thought I put into the team, it wasn't exactly a very competent team, and was weak to a ton of Pokémon!

Overall though, I did have more fun than I was expecting! It feels good to finally be in the mental state to play Pokémon again =)
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My vote : Do not Ban gengarite
First of all i think that banning something of Uber is impossible, as Uber is the tier where we can play everything we want, even if it's a bit cheat for others tiers. So banning Mega gengar is in contradiction with the definition of Uber. I also think that banning Mega gengar is not a good idea as stall succeed in countering mega gengar (playing for example Mega scizor pursuit or shed shell blissey), and as stall teams are truely strong atm, banning mega gengar is the best thing to make uber tier becoming a full stall tier. And banning Mega Gengar is completely useless, Gothitelle will do the job like Mega gengar, maybe on others pokemons, but the persons who thought that it was "uncompetitive" will also ban Gothitelle etc etc. So making a suspect about Shadow Tag would be interesting, but banning Mega gengar without Gothitelle is a nonsense. And even if some of the voters consider shadow tag match as luck, it's also based on skill, anticipating what the opponent is going to do, and trying to kill mega gengar before he traps something he can kill.
I probably won't be able to post my vote on the suspect thread when it'll be open so that's why Fireburn if you could just put my message in the thread it would be nice
My reqs :


Morse code, if I'm talking I'm clicking
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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.30.19 PM.png

I tilted so hard, smh, but 79 GXE is passable
(also don't mind my shitty rankings, i test teams on this acct)
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