Multi Gen Ubers Premier League IV - Finals[won by the really good reshirams]

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rumor has it these matches might be played on the weekend

dice sux

e: matches might be sooner after all
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Won vs Hack, gg.

I got a lot of criticism in this tour for no reason. It's really depressing that someone tries to enter a community and use new sets and make a splash and he gets berated by people for not using standard teams (or attitude or whatever else). It's sad to see how the ubers community is... No matter what I saw constant bitterness in all of these threads and even some others ubers threads.

But thanks to some people who helped me :D

Sweep , Blimlax, Fireburn polop Mr.378

Thanks to teammates and supportive people
benbe -Tsunami- Isa Finchinator Raseri Pearl

I know no one's won yet but yeah... this was kind of a mixed experience for me. I enjoyed ORAS ubers a lot but the community was very repelling.
2 hours since the auction ended and I'm still trying to figure out why this tour has a midseason
took me an entire season of UPL to figure it out but my team had 0 wins by the end of week 2 and still won this tournament nonetheless so I guess that's what midseason is for

shoutouts to av kakuna for his contributions, omfuga for being the best ubers player known to mankind, shake for powering up our squad after midseason and isa for being, contrary to popular belief, a beast at gsc. soulgazer is cute and raseri is officially ready to manage in spl 8. free oli problems in spl

bop space dash we out here


Banned deucer.
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shoutouts to OMFUGA for carrying this team...we've come a long fucking way since we started SG and Bouff in ORAS week 1. Shoutouts Omfuga for telling raseri to buy me midseason, where I subsequently ravaged some helpless fodder on the way to the finals. shoutouts bluff god for achieving in the tiebreak too. shoutouts raseri for somehow managing to save like 15k for midseason while still having the most players...
shoutouts pearl too for bein a day 1 omfuga believer...all these fake ass niggas like finchinator didnt think he should tiebreak. JOKES.

VoD wins again. Classic.


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welp its over

aside from a few shenanigans this upl was...dare I say...really good. this post shall be all lowercase in honor of the winning team, who was also really good.

shoutouts to nayrz mr.378 astounded raseri and level 56 for being pleasant managers and always submitting things on time (aside from the krau incident >:[)

shoutouts to yohoe for being an almost pleasant manager

shoutouts to sweep for helping with some admin matters, you're a really good bw2 player

shoutouts to omfuga for not being afraid to innovate, dont mind the haters, if solarbeam pgroudon and fightceus bring you joy then by all means keep using them

shoutouts to bkc, sophie turner will love you someday

shoutouts to all players for not johning...maybe

shoutouts to the smack talk thread for being exceptionally poor quality (if fireburn has the most likes in a smack talk thread then something has gone horribly wrong)

and thats it

you're all really good


We'll be a fine line
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shoutouts omfuga for being average
shoutouts isa for being god
shoutouts raseri for being really good
shoutouts problems for being sik @ ubers m8
shoutouts alex walls and pearl for being dpp gods
shoutouts polop for having a funny name and being a solid player
shoutouts shake bop thele it is
shoutouts boof for being cute
shotuouts steve for asserting his dominance over ubers once again
shoutouts to anyone i missed to, but esp. hugo



Would you look at the time?
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The really good reshirams are a kind-hearted warm loving family.

Except when it comes to deciding between whose a better god between Problems and Omfuga o-o.

Shoutouts to both of you though and tsunami for making skype chat UPL dramatic and fun though :).

I had a lot of fun testing and building new teams with Omfuga, Aurora, Alex Walls, Raseri, and Steve. I'm sorry u couldn't play more Aurora your sun team was top tier and the sand stall we made together will probably not see the light of day :(. IMO omfuga teams are top tier and they remind a lot of dice and donkeys team from early bw2/1 in the sense they looked weird but were solid af. Alex Walls is a fun guy that could get on to help me despite the big gmt difference, and Steve in general knows a lot more then we think :O. He's got me hooked on SD ghostceus :). When I was too scared to talk to anyone raseri unintentionally told me what to do o-O. Pearl is cute, and even if benched was kind and welcoming to all the reshirams, especially me <3. You helped Alex and thereby me with dpp :3.

Isa is amazing for being the silent carry :), similar deal with transcendent god champion but I feel bad for him since he didn't get as many battles as he wanted :(. The finchinator is a god for bringing our team 12-2 in every game IMO, its like he won so many matches that we never saw D:. I wish I could've been there to cheer him on.

Sry Krauseraut for what you had to go through, for what its worth I'm still shipping you and fireburn just as i'm trying my hardest to ship Aurora and jrp <3.

I tried my best to help my team even when I couldn't play, for whatever its worth I hope I managed to help you guys enjoy this tour :). Despite joining midseason you guys were rly nice and fun to be around.

Also hyw ur adorable and ty for giving me the idea of using lead froslass <3.

This is how shoutouts work right?
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Welp although I didn't achieve any wins I hope I was able to at least or somehow help with anyone's teams. Just wanna thank Raseri and Steve Angello for drafting me and most of my teammates for being nice people. I hope you guys aren't too mad at me for quitting UPL, I just wasn't motivated enough to play after all that shit I had with the Ubers community and Omfuga was the better choice anyways.

Grats team
Hey! I'm really glad that we won! I would have loved to play vs Jirachee again cause we were at 1-1 but DaReal Drizzlers picked BW2. Probs made it anyway!
It was a superb tournament, thanks to Fireburn and all my team mates, the really good reshiram were all awesome, raseri is a good manager and a really nice guy! Same for Steve, Pearl and polop, love them, they helped me and I helped them back like a real team. Shoutouts to my bros Lance and Probs, they are godlike, I'm glad to win this with them after 2-3 years without playing competitively. Shoutouts to Isa the GSC Ubers god and Omfuga, they carried the team. Shoutouts to Finch for being the best mascott.
And finally shoutouts to hyw, boudouche, tomahawk and Jirachee for being strong and nice opponents, I loved to play with you guys.

We did it! GG team!
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