Ubers Ubers Spring Seasonal - Grand Finals [Won by Level 56]

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the 23rd is beyond ridiculous when you've apparently been playing for other tournaments (at least RU seasonal), come on,,,,,,
Look its quite simple:
Tours like RU seasonal, BLT, PSPL etc dont require much preparation time. I can just schedule a time with my opponent and play on the spot. However, for a match such as Ubers Seasonal Final, I want to at least prepare since the stakes are high. Win or lose, I don't want to go out without giving my best. I do come online through my phone here and there, but I really don't have the full fledge time to build teams and test. I'll be back from my vacation on the 22nd, and as it stands, Level 56 & I have scheduled for 23rd at 11 pm gmt +4.

I know I've caused a lot of trouble to the people excited for seasonal playoffs, but please, bear with me one last time.
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lost ggs
just wanna thank everyone who helped and rooted for me this seasonal
special thanks to Hack, Pohjis and ShadowQuinn for testing, team advice and moral support each round
also special shoutouts to Samqian2 and Mysterious M for their undying support each round, sorry i let u guys down in finals

I didnt want to go out this way, but I did what I could and lost to the better player.
I'm proud of where I've reached from where I was a couple of months ago; this just goes to show that if you believe in your own capabilities, you don't need anyone else's stamp of approval.

Congrats again Level 56, and until next time, peace

e: once again deepest apologies for delaying tour - i won't be playing in playoffs either so someone else can take my spot
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Gratz 56! You really deserve this
Also RunnerupRohan GunnerRohan, you played a great seasonal too. Pretty sad that you arent playing playoffs :c
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