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Ubers Stadium
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(OP and Introductions Written by Minority, Approved by Fireburn, Hack, and Nayrz)

Welcome to Ubers Stadium, an arena where challengers pit their skills against the top players of various styles of play and tiers - the Uber Champions. Both the challenger and one of the champions will engage in a series of battles, using all their skills, creativity, and resourcefulness. If ever a challenger emerges victorious over the champion they will have gained the tier's ovation and fame. Every battle reputations are on the line in Ubers Stadium where strong challengers pit their teambuilding creations against the Uber Champions. What inspiration will this month's challenger bring? And how will the Uber Champion counter it? The heat will be on!

Now to introduce your Uber Champions:

Uber Champion Modern is The Trap God (1-0)
Once he picked up Ubers in June of 2015, he never looked back. Mentored by former SPL Ubers superstars such as Melee Mewtwo and Dice, The Trap God has advanced far in his conquest of ORAS and now USM, totaling an 8-1 record across UPL and placing fourth overall in the ORAS Ubers circuit. Now a veteran to both SPL and Snake, he continues to push onward with his various offensive creations and affinity for Mega Gengar, ready to trap anyone who falls in his sights.

Uber Champion BW is steelskitty (2-0)
Having played BW Ubers since 2013 and mentored by BW greats such as Hack He Must and Anikrahman, steelskitty has earned a reputation for being one of the most consistent and creative BW Ubers players around. Steelskitty is behind the creation and popularization of teams such as modern rainstall, Espeon sun, and standard sand. No slouch in tournaments either, steelskitty has performed well in various tournaments from SPL to Ubers Open, managed in UPL III, and made it to the finals of the first BW Ubers Cup. Today steelskitty continues to play BW on and off, set on advancing the boundaries of various styles of teams.

Uber Champion Classic is Iris (0-1)

CKW - Iris - Bo3 DPP - March 2018

Challenger Applications:

Each month the challenger will engage in a series of 3, 5, or 7 battles, chosen by the host, in a particular tier or set of tiers of the Uber Champion's discipline. Are you ready to be this month's challenger? PM user Minority on Smogon or Discord with the following application:

Smogon Username:
Uber Champion you challenge:
Why you think you can win:
Legacy (When you started playing, tours you've won, famous teams you've created, plays who tutored / mentored you, relationship with the Uber Champion, etc.):

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je suis d'ailleurs
Smogon Username: Eren
Ubers champion you challenge: pohjis (e: or iris!)
Why do you think you can win: I actually play old gens!
Legacy: I was on durians 2k17. Pohjis is cute. Hack is my dad. That's it.
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Smogon Username:Holy Break
Uber Champion you challenge: The Trap God
Why you think you can win: i think i ve seen ttg play p.much lately and got some ideas to use vs him
Legacy (When you started playing, tours you've won, famous teams you've created, plays who tutored / mentored you, relationship with the Uber Champion, etc.):started playing 2 years ago , won ugtt i ve created alot of teams but i do not share much , cynarah tutored me , ttg is a fren.
dam u guys. challenge me!!!! you can play these dudes lik eeveryday but how many times do i come on? every Solar Eclipse Lined Up With Halley's Comet, Shout Out To Worms For the Format.

F Eo
F dodrio, jk lol love him
F uhhhhh Fireburn
Marry Myself, F you all
K myself cause i ain't get no challengers
Smogon Username: Melle2402
Ubers champion you challenge: Pohjis for ADV
Why you think you can win: I played ADV Ubers in last years UPL and made it to classic playoffs thanks to a good performance in ADV Cup. I know Pohjis now for years and we had some matches in ADV already and I think we are pretty even.
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Im playin CKW Officially, other people officially unofficially, next saturday at 11 / noon gmt-5. its apparently 7 pm for CKW for all the not my fans out there.

o and go ahead and set up the next one. keep the train goin
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Playing 3 games of DPP Ubers vs the Unofficial Champion Iris next Saturday at 12 pm (GMT-5) followed by 2 games of ADV Ubers vs Official Classic Champion Pohjis shorty after!
the nerve of some people, actin like its some *'n good will 2 play me....I don't know whether to stand u up or embarrass the Livin Mortus EOut of you.
i gave it a lot of thought and i regret joining this as a champion which i don't deserve to be.

sorry for causing all the trouble but giving the win to ckw. good luck in your own title matches

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