Metagame Ubers Stage 1 Voting ID Thread

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This is the thread for posting your evidence that you have the requirements to vote on Gothitelle and Gothorita. As a reminder, the requirements are:

A minimum of 40 games played on our suspect ladder
AND a minimum GXE of 82.
To showcase your proof, post a screenshot (preferably in hide tags) that shows your alt has hit the requirements AND proof that it belongs to you. Show that you are logged into it, a chat line that says you are who you are, etc. Posts that don't meet the requirements will be deleted so make sure you are paying attention. Cheating in a test invalidates ALL of your previous suspect test requirements towards the Tiering Contributor badge and comes with an infraction and inability to vote in this test. Be warned!

The deadline to post your voting reqs is July 8th at 11:59 PM EST.

Killua kun

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I'd have prefered voting in order to ban that thing called necrozma, Seriously I almost got sick from doing this suspect where I barely saw 2 teams which brought a shadowtag mon like gothis.
anyway I confirm as Scusi non la sento
glhf to the other people who are going to try this suspect.
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