Ubers Super Hidden Ability Tour - Round 1

Activity wins:

My opponent isnt responding
opponent gave me win
Iph gave me the win
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(still waiting for a confirmation in case he changes his mind)
i got gived the win
I claim activity win... My opponent is not responding
contacted but no responseView attachment 329314
Bread Sandwich  vs  Flatemo
 vs  The gaming attack
lph  vs  ironwater
steelskitty  vs  Indercover
DJSafety  vs  Manan999
Aloopuriza  vs  ILoveMashing❤
Pannuracotta  vs  Mr Geets

Other games:

Yubellia  vs  FrostedC
Maple  vs  TeamCharm
I'm hate hats  vs  adsam
tpC le vrai  vs  MatLaTomate
FearNeverDies  vs  giove97

Please get your games done. Otherwise the winners will be decided by a coinflip
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