UBers Tournament - Round 1

activity post, vmed on monday but opp hasnt been on since friday

It turns out Fireburn has attempted to schedule with Cara95 on Monday as he stated in his post, and Cara95 had sufficient time to replay to the post on the profile. Therefore, Fireburn takes an activity win.
Calling act on Timmip12, hasn't been seen since jun 21 and i contacted him on the friday but no response
Act win given to you due to your opponent's inactivity.

Balandrick's opponent has responded to the profile post; however, due to their inactivity, Balandrick takes the win (If Toooth was active on Smogon, I'd ask Balandrick for an evidence of attempts to show up on PS or make other efforts to make the match happen)

Meru and Lugia Proto were given an extension as they requested.

Players who are given extensions will have the first 3 days to complete their matches in the next round.
Those who do not call activity or request for extensions until the deadline (around 16 hours left) will have their match coinflipped.

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