Ubers Ubers Winter Seasonal VI - Round 3 (Loser's Bracket)

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I tried to upload the replays but it won't let me this is my only proof that I won the matches

ARseN18:were suppose to play again
Griffin07: I thought it was just one best of 3?
Griffin07: I'm sorry
ARseN18=: wait did we already did 3 battles
ARseN18=: sorry about that it just popped in my head just now
ARseN18=: didn't I win last match
Griffin07: you won games 1 and 3, I won game 2
ARseN18=: oh ok sorry for the confusion
Griffin07: all good
Based on my opps response to my last message I'd like to request an extension to 15 hours from now (assuming they say they can play then), or request activity.


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Activity Calls

M3teora  vs  McSim
zeefable  vs  Jojos
NHelioX7  vs  Ron...5
Lana99  vs  Kyogre is GR8
Yami  vs  WSun1
hidden  vs  ILoveMashing❤
Jhonx~  vs  IPF
Catalystic  vs  Shivam3299
AnimeroDaniel  vs  Maxomega
InkPupil  vs  Albinson
Royal1604  vs  Goblin
7u9i2  vs  Roxiee
Alpha Rabbit  vs  Huston
Safes  vs  spanishlines
Bushtush  vs  Amelia Diane
byronthewellwell  vs  Eternamax Eternatus
Reje  vs  FrostMC29
orch  vs  SiceXV
SpacialRendevous  vs  Tomahawk
He'll there  vs  Riku Sakuraba


Lady Gaga  vs  Chosen1pj
Bag of Trixx  vs  Aberforth
March Fires  vs  I'm hate hats
TheGreenRoman  vs  greenandgrey77


Archiiiie17  vs  SubZeroMartin
Heika  vs  LuckyPiper
Minougarou  vs TonyFlygon
blinkboy  vs  Alkione
Flatemo  vs  Kyundai
Raftel Reshirams  vs  Dragonpiley007

Round 4 will be up shortly.
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