Ultimate Gaming Olympics 2022!


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Approved by Teclis, art by Awa

Hello everybody and welcome to the second iteration of the Ultimate Gaming Olympics (UGO)! This 3-week collaboration event between Battle Dome, Board Games, Game Corner, Mafia, Scavengers, Survivor and Trivia intends to find this year's ultimate gaming champion! Starting May 21st, midnight UTC and up until June 13th, midnight UTC you can collect points in all rooms in exciting games and events.

The rooms
UGO - a central hub for all information and quick access to all rooms.
Battle Dome – A text-based RPG, with weapons, classes, and magic galore!
Board Games – If you find yourself board, play some games here!
Game Corner – Play games and bet responsibly. No coin case needed.
Mafia – A chat game about deception, intrigue, and strategy. Can you survive the night?
Scavengers – Participate in fun scavenger hunts or create some of your own!
Survivor - Luck based games that include alliances, betrayals, items, and much more! Will the odds be in your favor?
Trivia – Learn something new every day!

The schedule
Most rooms have nonstop regular gameplay, but there's also various events for you to join in on. All of them can be found in the UGO room and the individual rooms, or at this neat little calendar. A description of every event will also be provided in the room, and on the official UGO website.

The points
The point system has been meticulously crafted to make sure all rooms are enticing to play in, while keeping everything fun for those that want to compete and keeping the identity of the room intact as much as possible. You can read all about it here.

The prizes
No good event is complete without prizes and we have one for our top 5 overall players, as well as one for the top participant of every room! The overall top 3 will get one of: a custom avatar, a namecolor change or a namechange. All of the top 5 will get a custom title on the Smogon forums. For the individual room prizes, look no further than the aforementioned website.

How do I play?
You can jump right in for every room! Need more information on how to play? Check out the workshop events in the first weekend for a how-to-play of every room! Each room is hosting one or two each so there's ample opportunity for us to show you the ropes!
(Do note that you can only earn points starting Midnight UTC May 21st.)

I have another question...
Check out the room FAQs in the UGO room for any questions you may have (type /rfaq in the chat). Do you still have a question? Ask the roomstaff and they may have an answer for you (or make sure that you get one).

A thank you
First of all, a massive thank you to the hosts of this massive event: Awa, Ayia, Felucia, OM, and yours truly. Thank you for getting the rooms together in making this.

Also a big thanks to the room leaders: Felucia and Taistelu for Battle Dome, Monkey and PartMan for Board Games Emboar02 and ptoad for Game Corner, Ayia, Gary the Savage and Micromorphic for Mafia, pokemonvortex and aQrator for Scavengers, Rainshaft and Shadecession for Survivor, and Chunko and Grimm for Trivia.

We also send our thanks to all of the roomstaff that have helped to create the events and moderate the rooms. We truly appreciate all that you do.

Extra special thanks to Felucia for creating the official UGO bot, awa and Shadecession for creating and filling the website, awa for creating the gorgeous art and Zarel, Teclis and Aeonic for providing us with these awesome prizes to offer for the event.
And finally, a big thanks to YOU for playing!
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The results are in!
Congratz to out top 5 players: UGO Smurf Account, BubidaJeffery, PikachuSean, ProtectToxicRepeat, TeutonicSquire and mymemoryisbad!
Also, congratz to our room winners! Mafia's Satan (BD), ii88 (BG), BubidaJeffery (GC, Mafia, Scavengers, Survivor and Trivia)
The full list will be added here soon!

On behalf of all hosts, leaders, planners, room staff and 1 disabled account, thank you all so much for playing.
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:crab: UGO has ended :crab:! Thank you all for participating in this event. It wouldn't have been this much of a success without y'all. And be sure to thank all of your roomstaff and hosts for their hard work putting together such a huge event.

I should probably announce the winners of this event just for some closure. So here we are:
  • In third place, we have ProtectToxicRepeat with a score of 11456 points.
  • In second place, we have PikachuSean with a score of 17129 points.
  • And in first place, we have BubidaJeffery with a whopping score of 30366 points.
We do have a feedback form open - it takes about 10 minutes maximum to fill out and us hosts actually read the responses. Heck, that's why this year's point balancing changed & improved, so go over and fill it out!

Once again, thank you all so much for your time and effort. See you all... uh, sooner or later, when we inevitably decide to host this again.

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