Ultra Battle Spot Singles Analysis Reservations


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Ultra Battle Spot Singles!

Ultra Sun and Moon have been out for a while now. While they're still new, it's become clear that a lot of the stuff remains the same, so it's time to clean up the rest of Battle Spot Singles!


-It would be best if you have some experience in Battle Spot Singles before you reserve these, that makes QC checks fly by faster!

-If a QC member gives a like to your post, that's the signal that your reservation has been approved! Don't post your thread until then though.

The Format To Follow!

This is the format we'll be using to clean up the rest of the missing Pokemon for USUM analyses. It's truncated compared to what you may be used to. Stuff like teammates, counters and checks, and strategy can still be lightly touched upon, but individual sections for those will come at a different time.


* Naganadel is a Dragon-type perfectly suited towards a Fairy-type-infested world, thanks to its additional Poison-typing.

* An excellent Speed tier and access to Beast Boost make Naganadel difficult to revenge kill and let it perform as a good revenge killer itself.

* Access to Nasty Plot and good coverage makes Naganadel a fearsome sweeper against stall teams as well, which is unique for a Speed-boosting Ultra Beast.

* While Naganadel's bulk is only passable, its typing gives it good resistances to important types such as Electric, Water, Fire, and Fighting, which means Naganadel can usually take one resisted hit before going down.

* However, said bulk does make Naganadel difficult to directly switch in, with even resisted hits dealing massive damage. Naganadel can also be a bit difficult to set up against offensive teams due to this.

* Naganadel's Special Attack stat is very good, but it can feel a bit weak without a boost, which can limit its effectiveness in the early parts of the game.

name: Sweeper
move 1: Nasty Plot
move 2: Sludge Wave
move 3: Draco Meteor
move 4: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
item: Dragonium Z / Focus Sash / Life Orb
ability: Beast Boost
nature: Timid
evs: 20 HP / 228 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


* With Nasty Plot and Beast Boost increasing its Speed after a KO, Naganadel is a fearsome sweeper against offensive and defensive teams alike.

* Sludge Wave is Naganadel's most reliable STAB attack, being able to bust through Fairy-types in particular.

* Draco Meteor's Special Attack drop can be troublesome, but it gives Naganadel a good amount of power without setting up and allows it to bust through bulkier foes when boosted.

* A Fire-type attack is needed for Naganadel to defeat most Steel-types. Fire Blast in particular will OHKO Aegislash after a boost, but Flamethrower's perfect accuracy can make it more reliable for late-game sweeps.

* If a team is desperate against Heatran and Stakataka, Hidden Power Ground can be used, but it usually isn't worth the loss in coverage against Ferrothorn and Celesteela.

* Dragonium Z is an excellent item for late-game sweeping and stallbreaking, letting Naganadel blast most defensive Pokemon with a +2 Devastating Drake. Just note that this item makes Naganadel often even more committed towards late-game sweeps.

* Focus Sash can leave Naganadel a bit weak, but it gives it a much easier time setting up Nasty Plot against offensive teams and can let Naganadel work as a solid revenge killer if Stealth Rock isn't up. Focus Sash also makes Naganadel easier to use early in the game.

* Life Orb gives Naganadel the most consistent power without setting up, which can aid with cleaning up teams if boosting isn't possible. However, it does make Naganadel much easier to revenge kill itself due to the recoil.

* If Aegislash is a serious problem, Firium Z can be used to deal massive damage to Aegislash and Celesteela without needing a Special Attack boost, giving Naganadel another opportunity for boosting its Speed late-game via a KO.

* A Timid nature is highly recommended, as not only does it guarantee that Naganadel outspeeds Mega Salamence, it also ensures Beast Boost increases its Speed after a KO, preventing common Choice Scarf Pokemon such as Tapu Lele and Landorus-T from revenge killing Naganadel. A Modest nature can be used to boost Special Attack after a KO, but it requires much more support than Timid.

* The given EVs allow Naganadel to survive three uses of Chansey and Blissey's Seismic Toss, allowing Naganadel to set up three Nasty Plots more comfortably against stall teams. The Special Defense EVs ensure that Porygon2's Download will not boost its Special Attack. While difficult to get hold of, another option is to use Naganadel with 29 or 28 Defense IVs, which makes its Defense stat one point lower than its Special Defense stat, with an EV spread of 20 HP / 236 SpA / 252 Spe. This makes a minor difference in damage calculations overall, though.

* While Naganadel's excellent Speed tier makes it a good revenge killer, this set is for sweeping first and foremost, so it's best to keep this Naganadel for late-game if possible. Focus Sash variants are the exception, since they can surprise common setters of Stealth Rock such as Landorus-T.

* While Tapu Fini itself does poorly against Naganadel, its Misty Terrain will weaken Draco Meteor, which makes Naganadel easier to check, so consider running another Terrain setter to counteract this. Tapu Lele in particular is a good choice, since Psychic Terrain will block common priority attacks aimed at Naganadel, such as Ice Shard and Bullet Punch.

name: Choiced Attacker
move 1: Sludge Wave
move 2: Draco Meteor
move 3: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
move 4: Hidden Power Ground / U-turn
item: Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
ability: Beast Boost
nature: Timid / Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


* Naganadel's great Special Attack and Speed stats make it perfect for using Choice items. With Choice Scarf, Naganadel is notable for being among the few Pokemon that will outspeed Mega Salamence after it's used Dragon Dance, making it a great revenge killer

* If revenge killing isn't top priority, Choice Specs can be used to deal far more damage immediately than most foes expect from Naganadel.

* Sludge Wave is Naganadel's most reliable STAB attack, and it is key for slamming Fairy-types.

* Draco Meteor is Naganadel's most powerful attack. However, note that the Special Attack drop and the Choice lock can make Naganadel into setup bait if it is used too early.

* A Fire-type attack is needed to punish Steel-type switch-ins. Fire Blast is usually the best for 2HKOing Aegislash without the need for Choice Specs, but Flamethrower's perfect accuracy makes it the more reliable option.

* Hidden Power Ground is a good choice for dealing severe damage to Heatran and Stakataka switch-ins; however, U-turn is very useful early in the game for breaking Mimikyu's Disguise without staying in, and it also makes Naganadel a good scout.

* Timid is usually the best nature for ensuring that Naganadel outspeeds Mega Salamence, and it is especially important on Choice Specs variants to get a Speed boost from Beast Boost.

* If you're using Choice Scarf Naganadel, Modest is a reasonable alternative. While this does mean Naganadel will be unable to revenge kill Jolly Mega Salamence after a Dragon Dance, it does grant Naganadel a Special Attack boost with every KO, which can snowball into a surprise sweep.

* Carrying a Pokemon from the Tapu group is recommended to get rid of Misty Terrain, which weakens Draco Meteor. Tapu Lele in particular works well due to its Psychic Terrain blocking priority attacks.
The Pokemon!

Here's what we have for reservation for now. We won't be putting up Pokemon if they already have something somewhat meaty onsite. If you think a Pokemon should be added, come on over to the Battle Spot Singles Analysis Discussion thread!

Also, some of these Pokemon have been in WIP for a while. I'll be highlighting anyone working on them. If you can't work on it anymore, please say so in the thread so I can put it up back!

Unreserved Pokemon:

Alolan Muk
Mega Scizor
Suicune (Offensive set)

Reserved Pokemon

Zapdos - Jhon
Glalie - Feesh Squad
Hippowdon - dogknees
Xurkitree - dogknees
Alolan Ninetales - Theorymon
Gliscor - Theorymon
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Apologies for the low amount of Pokemon up for reservation at the moment. This will be rectified soon. We have a TON of stuff onsite (All the Pokemon under reservation either have nothing onsite or clearly need a revamp), but a lot of it is of varying content, so we gotta determine which deserves a "revamp" content wise. This won't take long!


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Alright time to dust some shit off here so we can begin anew for the new year! I'll be doing a Greninja revamp mostly focused on adding in torrent stuff. A Z-torrent set, and slashing Torrent into the sash set, among other updates!
Turns out Kommo-o is a miserable Pokemon that can't be bothered. Will do Pheromosa upon QC's approval if that's the case.

[7:00 PM] Theorymon: Sure, I'd focus on Pheromosa first actually
[7:00 PM] Theorymon: thats more relevant than Xurkitree
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Sorry for triple posting but I pmed dogknees and he said I could take over Xurkitree. Would like to reserve it.
[9:04 AM] DMDW: Hey are you still interested in doing BSS Xurkitree analysis?
[9:04 AM] DMDW: I thought I could ask if I can take over if you aren't planning on finishing it
[9:12 AM] dogknees: by all means, please take it
[9:13 AM] DMDW: Okay, thanks

[5:28 PM] DMDW: Theorymon I can start xurkitree if you would approve it so you can take a look later on
[5:29 PM] Theorymon: sure start it, consider this an approval!
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Spent some time to discuss with QC about bulky Mimikyu sets and have agreed to use Jhon's spread. The set I have suggested can be briefly mentioned in Set Details but having benchmark against Adamant Mega Blaziken and Mega Salamence seems to be much more significant.

The matter of whether to fully write up (which I would prefer doing) the whole thing or not is currently undecided, but I will reserve Mimikyu for now because the least I am planning to do is writing up the bulky attacker set.
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I updated this a bit! After class today I'm gonna work on adding specfic sets we need that can be completed quickly, stay tuned!

(Also yes Im gonna finish Greninja today, blame college :( )
Mighty Rising Ace doesn't seem to be interested for writing Snorlax anymore (and he technically has 3 days to put up skeleton and make it ready to be looked over by QC) so I might as well request for reservation.

Starting from last night, there was some discussion regarding Snorlax's movesets for analysis. Currently we have decided to include a set dedicated to phasing and a bulky Curse + Recycle set. As soon as I get to confirm the moveset for 'phazelax', I am good to start.

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