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Banned deucer.
I went finished with 1703 points after doing 43 battles, going 31-12. I didn't do the last two because I had been in the 1700s a couple of times before and had only just gotten back into the 1700s, and I did NOT want to risk it as I wasn't even sure I would make it back into there by the end of the comp before my 43rd battle. I am satisfied by my rating since I think it is pretty good for my first comp, but I am mildly miffed at some of the bad plays that I made, especially on Day 2, which was brutal. I feel like this team might have more potential than I was able to draw out from it, and a more experienced player would win more often with it than I did! As the competition is over I feel I can now share my team, movesets and EV spreads:

USC Team.png

The Team:

Blissey- Fast Expert Belt Blissey does not disappoint! I'm glad I picked this set as I just love that moment when the opponent switches in a Scizor thinking they outspeed and KO and then it gets absolutely bodied. In one battle my opponent had a Scizor and Uxie(lol) left against me and they sent out Scizor. I am pretty sure they were banded as they decided to go for U-Turn on Blissey when it was very low and BP would have easily killed. They certainly did not see the Flamethrower coming! It didn't KO because Uxie had Knocked Off my Expert Belt earlier (which is how I got to see Scizor go for U-Turn), but it knocked it low enough to where Lucario could very easily clean up (since Uxie was extremely low on health). It was just so satisfying to stay in, go for Flamethrower, and see my opponent think they were in the clear because Blissey is slow, only to torch their Scizor. Anyway 100 Special Attack EVs may just seem like I picked a nice round number but is actually the exact number of EVs needed to OHKO 252 HP/4 SpDef Scizor 100% of the time with Flamethrower (it's 92 for Fire Blast without the Expert Belt, but I'm not enough of a man to run that, although it does free you up to run lefties). I maxed out defense so I could take physical hits if I really had to and dumped the rest into speed because I was tired of getting speed crept by Superpower Scizor on PS. Anyway, Blissey does not need HP or SpDef EVs to be FAT because of its amazing base stats. It's a very effective and reliable special wall; after all, it's Blissey!

Gliscor- Guillotine is so good! Oh man this Gliscor EV spread is horribly unoptimized, as I found out very early on. I speed crept the thing to 122 Speed without it crossing my mind that that is somehow the exact same speed as 0 speed Garchomp (Curse you Garchomp, and your trolly speed tier!), and somehow in one of my early day 1 battles I got matched up against the one person who runs 0 speed Garchomp! The speed tie shocked me. Anyway if you run Gliscor it is probably better to run 4 or 8 more speed EVs. Earthquake is nice STAB and a nice move to hit Infernape/Lucario/Tentacruel (Tentacruel in particular gives this team major problems; fortunately I only fought one and won), Sub eases predictions and helps you stall mons that are already poisoned/ PP stall Rotom's Hydro Pumps, and Roost is nice recovery (although it seemed better on the PS ladder and I sometimes missed Protect in the actual comp, although Roost did save me at least once). The REAL move here is Guillotine though. It's just so good; on day three I had two battles where I hit two Guillotines in a row LOL and it definitely saved me.

Glaceon- Dedicated Glalie counter. The set has Barrier to help in PP stall battles since it has a ton of PP and to defend myself against the rare Earthquake Glalie so I don't lose to it, although Toxic or even Double Team could probably also work here. Ice Beam is a general good STAB move for hitting anything other than Glalie. Rest is to completely wall Glalie. With full SpDef Investment and a calm nature you can get this calc: +6 0 SpA Glalie Frost Breath vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Glaceon: 42-50 (24.4 - 29%) -- 99.3% chance to 4HKO, menaing you can just Rest off the damage. Unfortunately it gets a little dicey with 252 SpA Glalie: +6 252 SpA Glalie Frost Breath vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Glaceon: 55-66 (31.9 - 38.3%) -- 96.2% chance to 3HKO, in which case you have to hope they don't pull every single favorable boost possible. Anyway, Echoed Voice is really nice because it hits through Glalie's sub AND boosts in power every turn, meaning if your opponent stays in with Glalie for a couple of turns their switch in will NOT appreciate the incoming Echoed Voice! Even if you miss or if Glalie protects you still receive a boost in power. Anyway I didn't see any Glalie so unfortunately Glaceon did not see much use, but there were a couple of battles where I did actually get to bring it, and it actually did well in them (Out of 4 times I brought it in battle it only actually died once, to marilli's Gliscor's Guillotine)!

Clefable- Originally I had Flamethrower instead of Minimize on the PS ladder because I was scared spitless of Scizor, and I was doing pretty well with it. For a very long time I debated to myself whether Flamethrower or Minimize was better until at the last moment I decide "Eff it" and went with Minimize. I couldn't tell this from the PS ladder, but Minimize was definitely the play and saved me multiple times, while I didn't really have a problem with enemy Scizor at all, thanks to being able to take it out in really ghetto ways (i.e. Lucario, Clefable itself with minimize, Gliscor's Guillotine), or with my fast Blissey, which I personally think was the most elegant method my team had for dealing with it. Minimize is so good! I once lost a battle because I DIDN'T get greedy with Minimize and CM and tried removing an Infernape without much setup instead of going for the full-on early game sweep :(. Unaware is also a really nice safety net to have for setup mons like enemy Garchomp/ Gyarados or even Scizor in some cases, and Clefable is quite bulky!

Tangrowth- The speed EVs are to speed creep no speed Scizor. I didn't find myself bringing Tangrowth a lot because of its somewhat awkward defensive typing but it didn't exactly do badly in the battles I brought it in, except for one where it missed a Sleep Powder against Scizor and almost got me swept, and another where it got haxed by a Fire Fang flinch. Unfortunately (and mostly because of that specific battle) I wasn't a man and didn't go for Sleep Powder on a Scizor in one battle where the opp had an LO Medicham, Scizor was banded (it did very little with Bullet Punch so I didn't actually know that yet), and Sleep Powdering on the switch in was my win con against Medicham. :( I still regret that play. Perhaps in the hands of a more capable player Tangrowth would have won that battle! But Tangrowth came in extremely clutch in my last battle! It outsped and killed a slow Belly Drum Azu, making me very happy that I invested in speed EVs and doing what it was mostly meant for (killing Azu), and later on it lived an Air Slash from Togekiss while paralyzed (Tangrowth is quite bulky, even with an abysmal special defense stat and non-maxed out investment), didn't get fully paralyzed, DIDN'T FLINCH, and went for Leech Seed, immediately prompting a forfeit from my opp since I had Blissey in the back. Anyway despite getting haxed a few times Tangrowth was a decent mon, I just wish it got more MUs against Azumarill (like it did on PS).

Lucario- I got tired of getting rekt by Weavile on the PS ladder so I added this mon and I am glad I did. Pretty sure two people tried to Fake Out Lucario with Weavile, which may not seem like a lot but when you consider it is out of 43 battles it's pretty significant. But they weren't counting on Inner Focus! RIP them. I'm not sure if Meteor Mash was the play, I added it for the Gardevoir and Togekiss I kept seeing on the PS ladder but Ice Punch also seems like it would have been a neat option (and it would have helped me against marilli, to whom my team completely loses and who I faced not once but twice). Crunch was mainly for Azelf and it did come in handy in a couple of battles (Although I lost one of those battles against Espeon because I predicted them to switch on the extremely obvious BP/Extreme Speed after Crunch and my opp had the balls to stay in :( ). Anyway although it cannot use Pursuit Lucario serves a role similar to Weavile on stall teams, taking out threatening mons that might be hard to wall by going on the offensive, mostly with the amazing move Close Combat, and making the rest of the team's job of stalling that much easier. I admit I mostly chose it for aesthetic reasons (Lucario was the last mon I chose; by that point all the mons on my team were either pink or blue since Gliscor is shiny, so I just went Lucario because it is blue and because I wanted a strong fighting type), but it did a really good job and I found myself bringing it very often.

As you can see from my spreads, I like to speed creep!

Changes I would make if I were to try again and be super serious about it:
Since I saw no Glalie, replace Glaceon :( Maybe with Weavile? Idk.
Probably replace Tangrowth with something like Milotic or a ghost type to avoid perish song.
Congrats on finishing everyone!

If you are interested in having your scores recorded on our leaderboard, please post in this thread according to the format outlined here after the official results are released. PM me on our BattleSpot Discord or on Smogon if you have questions.


Banned deucer.
The U.S. really needs to get it together! The second player was rated 1472! The third player wasn't even close with a rating of 1703!

math is hard.png

On a more serious note, congrats to marilli for winning the whole thing. I wish I could have gotten second in the U.S., but alas, I cannot compete with someone skilled enough to get to 1472.
Ended up at 589 with 1612 points.

I thought I was going to end in a worse spot. Still, it's worse than it should have been thanks to Rotom's match-losing misses.

Also, Togekiss ended up 8th in the usage stats despite the fact I never encountered one.
1729 and a record of 25-7. 1st in the UK!

usc 2.png

The idea of the team was relatively simple and pretty gimmicky. Lead with Bronzong: if I knew it could take 2 hits (normally I could - HEATPROOF!!!) and wasn't in front of a Trick/Switcheroo mon, I'd set up rocks, if not trick room. The next turn would be trick room if I hit rocks. Following that, I'd boom or gyro ball providing I could get the OHKO or if I was in front of a ghost. Snorlax would follow and belly drum, proceeding to clean up the first mon with the lasting Bronzong damage and the second mon. It would always live a hit following the belly drum with its EV spread (Brave 196 HP / 60 Atk / 252 Def). After trick room would expire, normally I'd be in a 2v1 situation with a +6 Snorlax and another mon in the back. The only reason I wouldn't bring this set up is if the opp had Hippowdon (phasing), Clefable/Quagsire (unaware) or Glalie (moody) . Glalie was super helpful against other Glalie. I think most Glalie users missed a trick by running Freeze-Dry over Frost Breath.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with 1729. My aim was 1715, so to have beaten it was great. But to have 13 games left I'm a little disappointed that I didn't push my self to go higher with so many games in hand. Oh well, there's always the next competition!

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