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Hiya! Flufi here, and I'm going to be discussing with you guys some Pokemon in the LC tier that don't get much recognition and are considered to, in most cases, be outclassed by other Pokemon that are just generally better, but if used correctly can be a serious threat or useful teammate. I won't be listing these in any specific order, and each of these Pokemon have their own individual roles that they play. So, let's get straight into it!


Houndour itself isn't underrated, but rather the specific role Houndour plays with this set; which is anti-lead. Having access to Unnerve and Taunt, Houndour can jump in on the first turn of the battle and use Taunt to stop entry hazards like Spikes and Stealth Rock, either forcing the enemy to attack or forcing them to switch. And, although they aren't common in LC thanks to Berry Juice, Houndour prevents the use of berries on leading Pokemon, such as Custap Berry. So, in the occasion that you'll find SturdyCustap Geodude or Bonsly, a Houndour that runs Taunt and Unnerve completely cripples these two. Although, this set still isn't that great in LC, because Berry Juice is used much more than Custap Berry in LC. On top of that, Houndour's Speed isn't great, at a mere 65; It's enough to outspeed most stealth rock leads, like Nosepass, Geodude, and Bonsly, but switching in to any bulky attacker completely stops Houndour. Even though Sash can be used to for a second chance, and Houndour can attack with that chance with a solid 80 Special Attack, any bulky attacker that isn't weak to fire or dark can take a hit from Houndour easily and finish it off from it's 1 remaining HP.

EDIT: More sets coming tomorrow. Heading to bed.
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