UU UnderUsed Majors IV - Pools (Stage 1)

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won vs Charmflash, Koalacance didnt show up to our match scheduled Wednesday 9pm gmt+8 the messages are on his wall only reason i didnt message about this earlier was because i thought he would reply.

Doublade Pool
Lucked out hugely with a well-timed crit and won a game i otherwise lost vs TectonicDestroyer, gg and sry about that man

Ape pool
ggs <3

Btw, can i give the win to sparksblade? It doesnt matter to the pools anymore, as nichiru and freeroamer have already qualified. Im really busy with like 4 other OM seasonals I'm in on top of Other Metas World Cup, so I'm pretty busy rn

SparksBlade Accelgor
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