UnderUsed Teambuilding Competition Week #13 - Scizor

Hydreigon follows quickly behind Hatt in leaving the tier, and Twilight claims another win! Our next subject is none other than...


One of the most consistent OU Pokemon of all time and one of the faces of competitive battling in general, Tyranitar now lays claim over Underused in Generation 9! Tyranitar stands out from even its other pseudo-legendary counterparts as being notoriously excellent in the tiers it finds itself in, owing to a variety of factors. Tyranitar first possesses incredible stats, with excellent natural bulk and offensive potential on both the physical and special side. Tyranitar also further bolsters its Special Defense when switching in due to Sand Stream summoning sandstorms, which boost the Special Defense of Rock-types while active, allowing Tyranitar to survive even powerful x4 effective Focus Blasts in the sand! Tyranitar also has a stunningly vast movepool that allows it to make use of its stats in many ways, allowing it to act as a utility attacker, check to special attackers, Choice Bander, mixed attacker, Choice Scarfer, Dragon Dancer and more. The sheer variety in what Tyranitar can run makes it dangerous in any game it participates in owing to the fact that it can often run multiple viable sets in the tiers it finds itself in. Finally, Tyranitar's ability to summon sand is often key in supporting its teammates. This can come in several ways, from enabling Sand Rush Pokemon, to negating Leftovers recovery, to resetting weather against weather-abusing teams. For all these incredible traits and a truly historic competitive history, Tyranitar is certainly not without its flaws. Firstly, it has an extremely awkward defensive typing in Rock/Dark, giving Tyranitar many weaknesses to Water, Bug, Grass, Steel, Ground, and Fairy, and a double weakness to Fighting, making Tyranitar take super effective damahe from a wide variety of Pokemon. Tyranitar's stat distribution is also notably skewed away from one critical stat - Speed - making it slower than many offensive and quite a few defensive Pokemon. This means that Tyranitar must use Dragon Dance or a Choice Scarf to outspeed many offensive Pokemon, requiring a turn of setup or limiting Tyranitar to one Choice-locked move. Finally, while Tyranitar's sand can be very helpful to a properly-built team, Tyranitar's teammates will also feel its effects, which can ruin some synergies between Pokemon or prevent them from making good use of certain moves, such as Synthesis. You don't need me to tell you, though, that this does not stop Tyranitar from being the absolute titan of a Pokemon it is. Let's see what you can do with it!

Teambuilding Restrictions:
  • The team should be built in the Scarlet and Violet UnderUsed format.
  • The team must include Tyranitar.
Submission Deadline: Friday, January 13, 2022 @ 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).

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ttar oricorio spikes balance!
:sv/tyranitar: :sv/oricorio sensu: :sv/toedscruel: :sv/toxtricity: :sv/slowbro: :sv/tinkaton:
(click the sprites for the pokepaste)
why i wanted to build around ttar and oricorio sensu specifially is that they really good defensive synergy, oricorio taking fighting, bug and ground attacks for ttar and ttar being able to take shaodw balls and dark pulses for oricorio! i went for a spdef ttar set because its really good at taking the strong special attacks in the tier while still being able to dish out good damage with its coverage and strong base 134 attack. oricorio benefits alot from spikes and sand sand storm wearing the opposing team down and it also spinblocks, so i decided to go for a spikestacking team. toedscool is there because it is very good role compression in having rapid spin, spikes and toxic aswell as a ground typing and quite good mixed bulk, also this team would otherwise get sorta bowled over by sandy shocks so it seemed to fit nicely (watch out for tera ice though). i added slowbro as a excellent physical wall that can also use future sight to help break down the opposing team, i gave it a rocky helmet as a check to maushold because that pokemon is extremely scary right now. toxtricity is an excellent special breaker with its tera normal boombursts that also benefits from spikes giving it even less switchins, i made it choice scarf because the team is quite slow and it still hs enough breaking power without choice specs. this pokemon isnt a very good revenge killer for speed boosted threats because of its fairly low speed stat but the super bulky pokemon on this team should make up for the low overall speed in the ability to not get swept by setup sweepers. i added tinkaton for a second spdef wall, a steel type, and encore for some extre security against things like veluza thats been popping up a bit and opposing oricorio. it can also stallbreak pretty well with swords dance + encore.
:sv/dugtrio: :sv/klefki: :sv/polteageist: :sv/tyranitar: :sv/venomoth: :sv/kilowattrel:
click on them

Luckily enough, I already have a bunch of Tyranitar teams in my builder, and this is probably the most fun team that I have. It's a screens and spikes stacking HO team that uses some really fun team members, alongside Dragon Dance TTar. Dugtrio is a fun lead, because it is the fastest Memento lead with access to rocks, by far. Memento allows one of the 3 sweepers to set up, without having to set up screens first. Which is why this team works with Klefki as the only screen setter. Dragon Dance Tyranitar is actually really good on screens, as it already has immense bulk, with screens giving you the opportunity to set up to 3 Dragon Dances in some cases. On top of that, the Dark typing gives it an immunity to Prankster Encore, something that screens HO struggles with. It's just really good, and Lily goes into more detail on it, in her post about DD Tyranitar, which I suggest reading. The one thing that DD TTar struggles with is Quagsire, which is why I surrounded it with teammates that don't care about Quagsire. Polteageist uses a cursed set without Shadow Ball, which runs Protect to avoid First Impressions that can hurt you after a couple of Weak Armor drops.The team used to have DD Haxorus, but I decided to replace it with Polteageist, to not only have a spinblocker, but also something that can set up to +2 immediately, which makes better use of Memento. Venomoth is genuinely the most fun Pokemon I've ever used, it's so funny. I use a set with Bug Buzz as the only attacking move, because you don't need anything else. Protect has saved me many times from First Impression, and this thing has been forcing the wins most of the time. Kilowattrel is there at the last slot to punish Defog. It uses a 4 Attacks set with Tera Blast Fighting, which is able to sweep teams at +2, because at +2 it OHKOs Tyranitar with a +2 TB Fighting. Overall, this team is extremely fun, I highly suggest trying it out for yourself. You might drop points, but you won't regret it.



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:tyranitar: :talonflame: :tsareena: :tinkaton: :slowbro: :sandy shocks:

yall know the drill at this point, pivots into making the most out of cbtar wallbreaking stuff, slowbro w helmet is used over slowking this time because i value chipping fighting types and punishing the mices more, assurance is used on ttar because the last slot is mostly filler tbh and you can do some crazy dmg if you keep rocks up, twave on tinkaton and slowbro is cool to slow down stuff for ttar

SpDef Tyranitar + Calm Mind Vaporeon Balance
I made this team in an effort to use SpDef Tyranitar, which works as an excellent support Pokemon against threats like Gengar and rain teams while maintaining a respectable offensive presence. I opted to use special attacks on it so that a burn from Pokemon like Talonflame and Rotom is less detrimental. Slither Wing was chosen as a partner that synergizes well with Tyranitar, since Tyranitar can take the Flying- and Fire-type attacks that Slither Wing fears, while Slither Wing doesn't mind switching into Ground- and Grass-type attacks for Tyranitar. Choice Band on Slither Wing also helps to make up for this Tyranitar's lowered offensive presence against Pokemon like Gastrodon and Tinkaton, threatening OHKOs on them with Banded Close Combats. Both of these Pokemon are susceptible to being worn down, and I found that I couldn't fit Gastrodon or Quagsire as Water Absorb Pokemon nicely with the rest of the team, so I opted to slot in Vaporeon as the next Pokemon, and it works fantastically. Vaporeon passes wishes to the rest of the team to keep them healthy (notably giving Slither Wing and Donphan much more longevity vs stall teams), while also becoming an offensive threat in its own right with Calm Mind and Ice Beam (chosen to break through other Water Absorb Pokemon). Defensive Salamence is next, and keeps many physical attackers like opposing Slither Wing, Lokix, Gallade, and Paldean Tauros formes in check. Donphan is the next addition. Originally, this was a Sandy Shocks, but at pokemonisfun 's suggestion, I chose to add a Knock Off user, and Donphan fit best here as it also provided an Electric immunity and hazard removal that the team otherwise lacked. Having Ice Shard for emergency Speed control is nice as well. Finally, Choice Scarf Toxtricity provides the primary Speed control for the team, and can be a cleaner or sweeper in its own right with Tera Normal Boomburst. Overall the team's been really successful for me and I've had fun using some underrated Pokemon on this squad in Vaporeon and Donphan. Enjoy!

:sv/tyranitar: :sv/gastrodon: :sv/orthworm: :sv/gengar: :sv/tsareena: :sv/staraptor:


eh this team is kinda ass ngl but i wanted to submit smth

this team is based on forcing passive damage on the opponents and punishing their switches w/ assurance and spikestack. bulky gar is a neat mon that can wear down some of ttar's switchins (mainly darks like bish and chien) w/ trick, as well as serving as a spinblocker which answers tsareena really well, in addition to providing para support. tsareena lets us keep our team safe from opposing hstack, and raptor is just a broken scarfer who also kind of lures + overwhelms ttar's switchins. orth has cool role compression and also is a nice ground immune

um yeah sorry for the mid team next weeks will be better trust
Banded Tyranitar + Special Salamence Balance


After many generations of living in OU, Tyranitar has finally been scared out of its residence by the new gen 9 mons and currently resides in UU. Since it's down here, I thought it'd be nice to pair it up with its good old pal Salamence, while also trying out a few mons that I'm unfamiliar with.

Tyrant was originally DD, but I found it hard to find setup oppertunities and its speed after a DD is underwhelming, so I went for a CB set instead. The 4th move could be Assurance instead, but I keep finding myself using it like Gen 4 Payback (2x power on a switchin) so I opted for Ice Punch to hit Donphan. Tera Rock gives it a strong STAB without losing the SpD boost in Sand, but do remember to pray before clicking Stone Edge.

Menace is the standard Special boots set, not much else to add here. I honestly didn't think it would run SpAtk sets (tbh didn't care about it last month) but Hurricanes and Dracos coming off 110 SpA is nothing to scoff at. EV spread is from Lavern's post on UU cores.

Bruh is a goated PhysDef wall ngl. This set is again from Lavern's post, which also prompted me to switch from Slowking to this champ. Bruh checks a bunch of physical threats and chips them with Rocky Helmet. It also deletes Maushold, which I wanted to single out because that's really funny. While Body Press can no longer hit Baxcalibur, it's still useful for hitting mons like Bisharp (btw don't setup bish in front of Bruh you'll regret it). From my experience, it's only really scared of Super Fimp Bros (Slither & Lokix), but Menace can switch in menacingly and deal with them for a bit.

Typical SpDef Bonk, you know her, you love her, nuff said.

I was hesitant to use Tumblr mostly due to its seemingly awful bulk (55/70/70 is NOT good), but holy moly this thing's got utility. Spiker + spinner + spinblocker in one is great and with enough investment it can take on spinners decently. Just don't Strength Sap a Defiant mon and don't let it tank an Iron Jugulis Dank Pulse (pun intended and no i'm not sorry) and you're good to go.

Banksy is the fast pivot of the team, I'd usually lead with either it or Bonk depending on whether I want turn 1 rocks. Prankster Parting Shot can feel really spammable but you'll have to look out for Defiant mons and Dark-Types. Taunt can be replaced with Encore, but I like to deny rocks whenever possible. Do note that Whiscash ignores Taunt, so don't waste your time with it if you ever encounter one.

Overall I'd say the team is pretty good, it got me my first room tournament win (which why I decided to submit this team). Tyrant has been a bit underwhelming, but I probs just have to pray harder when I click Stone Edge. Super Fimp Bros and Gengar threatens the team, but as long as you keep their respective checks healthy they shouldn't be a huge problem. Anyways that's my submission, bye~

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