Undiscovered Types [PLAYABLE on Galaxy Server!]



Credit to Latios` for coding and hosting it! Many thanks!

As of ORAS, there remain 39 unique type combinations that no fully evolved Pokemon or Mega Evolution possesses, and 4 combinations that no fully evolved Pokemon possesses outside of Ubers. As Aegislash has proved, a unique typing can make all the difference, invalidating once-useful coverage options and walling previously unwallable threats. Even potentially mediocre Pokemon like Klefki largely succeed based on the strength of their type.

The purpose of this project is to assign these unused combinations to existing Pokemon they would make sense on, and then tweaking their learnsets and abilities to fit with the new type. Users submitted ideas which were then voted on to determine a winner for each type, then I added addition abilities and moves in order to to make the winners at least somewhat usable in OU. The end goal of this project is a playable mod, where we can test these new types in the OU metagame.

These are the past winners:

Yanmega (by The Reptile)

Bug/Flying -> Bug/Dragon
+ Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Dragon Rush, Baton Pass
Pros: Loses x4 Stealth Rock weakness, gains additional resistances/neutralities, Tinted Lens Draco Meteor (!!), can pass Speed

Cons: Has more trouble with Fairy types, no longer has an immunity

Dunsparce (by Eevee General)

Normal -> Normal/Dragon
+ Contrary
- Run Away
+ Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Dragon Dance

Pros: Gains actual resistances, now has 2 STAB options, can possibly pull off a bulky phasing set, contrary Draco Meteor will hurt eventually
Cons: Has 2 more weaknesses, stats are still underwhelming

Scrafty (+Scraggy) (by Stitch98)

Dark/Fighting -> Dragon/Fighting
+ Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Gunk Shot, Circle Throw, Slack Off
Pros: Bulky Intimidate sets appreciate new resistances, Earthquake/Gunk Shot lets it muscle through checks, phasing and recovery are appreciated
Cons: Misses STAB Knock Off, doesn't benefit from new Special moves

Cloyster (+Shellder) (by Slawth13)

Water/Ice (+Water)-> Poison/Ice (+Poison/Water)
+ Sludge Bomb, Cross Poison, Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot, Freeze Dry
Pros: Has a STAB options for hitting bulky waters, breaks Fairies easier, immune to Toxic, absorbs Toxic Spikes, neutral to Fighting, Freeze Dry can bust down bulky Waters

Cons: Gains new weaknesses including Fire, can't utilize Hydro Pump on mixed sets very efficiently

Eelektross (+Eelektrik) (by Swagodile)

Electric -> Electric/Poison
+ Liquid Ooze, Poison Touch
+ Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Gunk Shot
Pros: Gains additional resistances, has new STAB options, immune to x4 weakness
Cons: Has an actual weakness now, Mold Breaker Earthquake will destroy it

Weezing (+Koffing) (by The Reptile)

Poison -> Poison/Fire
+ Flame Body, Aftermath
+ Overheat, Solar Beam, Defog
Pros: Immune to both DoT status effects, x4 resists Fairy + Grass + Bug, immune to x4 weakness (again), additional ability options, hazard control
Cons: Gains Stealth Rock + Scald weaknesses, Mold Breaker Earthquake will destroy it (again)

(Mega) Banette (+Shuppet) (by The Reptile)

Ghost-> Ghost/Normal
+ Quick Attack
Pros: Gains an immunity without any new weaknesses, only weak to Dark, appreciates great new STAB + priority
Cons: Hates Scrappy users

Cofagrigus (by The Reptile)

Ghost -> Ghost/Rock
+ Levitate, Sturdy
+ Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Power Gem, Stealth Rock
Pros: Rock type that's immune to Fighting, great bird check, new STAB for offensive sets, three solid ability options
Cons: Gains three fairly common weaknesses

Mismagius (+Misdreavus) (by Da Pizza Man)

Ghost -> Ghost/Fairy
+ Magic Guard, Magic Bounce
+ Moonblast
Pros: Neutral to Poison and Dark, has four immunities, Fairy and Ghost are great STABs, new ability options
Cons: Can be easily revenge killed by Bullet Punch

Avalugg (+Bergmite) (by Jajoken)

Ice-> Bug/Ice
+ Regenerator
- Own Tempo
+ Bug Bite, Struggle Bug, Sticky Web, U-turn, Megahorn
Pros: Fighting neutrality/Ground resistance allow it to function more effectively as a physical wall, Sticky Web/U-turn give more utility, Megahorn does good damage, Regenerator is

Cons: x4 weak to Rock/Fire moves, gains new weaknesses, even worse user of Rapid Spin than before due to Stealth Rock obliterating you

Vespiquen (by The Reptile)

Bug/Flying -> Bug/Psychic
+ Aroma Veil
+ Calm Mind, Psychic, Psyshock, Zen Headbutt, Stored Power, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Quiver Dance
Pros: Loses x4 Stealth Rock weakness, expanded movepool gives several new offensive options, can't be Taunted
Cons: Gains more weaknesses than resistances, weak to Pursuit, no longer has an immunity

Accelgor (by Jajoken)

Bug -> Bug/Dark
+ Dry Skin
- Hydration
+ Dark Pulse, Knock Off, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Pursuit, Thief, Memento
Pros: Appreciates extra STAB and boosting options, gains two immunites and two resistances, can act as a (frail) Knock Off absorber with a Dark resistance/Sticky Hold, stops setup with Memento
Cons: Loses a neutrality and gains two weaknesses, struggles against Fighting Types and Fairies if not running Sludge Bomb

Cryogonal (by Jajoken)

Ice-> Ice/Fire
+ Snow Warning, Drought
+ Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Will o' Wisp, Fire Spin, Sunny Day, Overheat
Pros: Freeze Dry + Fire is a powerful STAB combo, WoW patches up weak Defense, can set two different weathers
Cons: Terrible spinner due to Rocks weakness, very few resistances, no longer a Scald switch-in

Gourgeist (+Pumpkaboo) (by zerobreaker000)

Grass/Ghost -> Grass/Fire
+ Flash Fire
+ Overheat, Fire Punch, Flare Blitz, Rapid Spin
- Phantom Force, Shadow Sneak
Pros: Fire is great STAB, can't be burned, rare Grass type without a Fire weakness, can act as bulky spinner
Cons: Misses immunity, hates Rocks weakness, worse Water check

Victini (by mcFlareon)

Fire/Psychic -> Fire/Fairy
+ Competitive, Defiant
+ Moonblast, Play Rough, Misty Terrain
- Confusion, Zen Headbutt, Stored Power, Psyshock
Pros: Punishes Defog and Intimidate, good switch-in to Knock Off and U-turn, great new STAB for both Special/Physical
Cons: Walled by Fire types, Heatran laughs at you slightly more than before

Beartic (by Ghoul King)

Ice-> Ice/Fighting
+ Guts, Tough Claws
- Snow Cloak
+ Drain Punch, Close Combat, Mach Punch, Agility, Ice Shard
Pros: New STAB to break Steels, neutral to Rocks, priority is nice, Guts sets could be cool on Trick Room
Cons: Stats and typing still leaves a bit to be desired

Dusknoir (+Dusclops) (by TotalAsteroid)

Ghost -> Ghost/Fighting
+ Iron Fist
+ Drain Punch, Focus Punch, Dynamic Punch, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Mach Punch
Pros: Nearly unrestricted STAB combo, Drain Punch gives recovery, no longer Dark-weak
Cons: Ghost STAB is weak, gains troublesome new weaknesses

Marowak (by mcFlareon)

Ground -> Ground/Fighting
+ Skill Link, Mold Breaker
- Lightningrod, Rock Head
+ Mach Punch, Close Combat, Arm Thrust, Counter, Final Gambit, Drain Punch, Focus Blast, Power-up Punch, Bulk Up, Rock Polish
Pros: Has a ton of new move/ability options, priority STAB, access to 125 bp Ground STAB, x4 resists Rocks
Cons: STABs have similar coverage, Flying weakness is troublesome

Granbull (+Snubull) (by mcFlareon)

Fairy-> Fairy/Dark
+ Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Snatch, Switcheroo, Beat Up, Assurance, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Pursuit
Pros: Sucker Punch and Knock Off are much appreciated, typing makes for a pretty good wall, could make use of Rattled, mocks the very existence of Lati@s
Cons: Less of a Fighting/Bug check, can't beat opposing Fairies

Purugly (+Glameow) (by mcFlareon)

Normal -> Normal/Dark
+ Tough Claws
- Own Tempo
+ Snarl, Switcheroo, Pursuit, Quash, Night Slash, Beat Up, Dark Pulse, Thrash, Parting Shot
Pros: STAB Sucker Punch and Pursuit are always nice, has actual resistances now, Tough Claws improves damage output, fast Parting Shot is great
Cons: Obliterated by Mach Punch, stats except Speed are worthless

Luxray (by Swagodile)

Electric -> Electric/Dark
+ Moxie
- Rivalry
+ Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Pursuit
Pros: New STAB and resistances, can trap and boost with Moxie and Pursuit/Sucker Punch
Cons: Has more than one weakness

Aromatisse (+Spritzee) (by The Reptile)

Fairy-> Fairy/Poison
+ Liquid Ooze, Wonder Skin
- Healer
+ Sludge Bomb, Venoshock, Poison Jab, Clear Smog, Venom Drench, Toxic Spikes
Pros: Fairy that can serve as a Fairy check, immune to Toxic, can absorb Toxic Spikes, new STAB

Cons: Earns some common weaknesses, not a good Lati@s switch-in

Shuckle (by Jajoken)

Bug/Rock -> Rock/Poison
+ Toxic Spikes, Acid Armor, Acid Spray, Clear Smog, Rapid Spin, Slack Off
- Struggle Bug, Bug Bite
Pros: New entry hazard to set, can wipe boosts, immune to Toxic, checks Fairies, finally has reliable recovery, can clear hazards
Cons: New x4 weakness

Reuniclus (+Solosis, Duosion) (by Jajoken)

Psychic -> Psychic/Poison
+ Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Acid Spray, Clear Smog
Pros: New STAB, Fairy check
Cons: Ground weakness makes it harder to set-up and sweep

(Mega) Glalie (by mcFlareon)

Ice-> Ice/Steel
+ Intimidate
- Moody
+ Flash Cannon, Automatize, Metal Sound, Iron Defense
Pros: No longer SR-weak, gains resistances that Ice lacks, good STAB options for Physical and Special, super-resists Ice, can boost Speed, good pre-Mega ability
Cons: Obliterated by Fire and Fighting, and to a lesser degree, Ground

Garbodor (by zerobreaker000)

Poison -> Poison/Steel
+ Filter
- Weak Armor
+ Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Automatize, Metal Burst, Metal Sound, Iron Defense, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam
Pros: Super-resists Fairy, gains all of Steel's useful resists
Cons: Loses useful Fighting resistance, destroyed by Ground

Donphan (+Phanphy) (by The Reptile)

Ground -> Normal/Steel (+Normal)
+ Battle Armor, Scrappy
- Sand Veil
+ Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Explosion
Pros: Cool mix of imunities and resistances, slow STAB Gyro Ball is useful, STAB Rapid Spin (lol)
Cons: Misses STAB EQ, Fighting types hurt

Vanilluxe (+Vanillish, Vanillite) (by mcFlareon)

Ice-> Ice/Fairy
+ Clear Body, Sweet Veil
- Ice Body
+ Play Rough, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Nasty Plot
Pros: The ultimate Dragonslayer, Fairy is great offensively and defensively
Cons: Double Steel weakness

Florges (by mcFlareon)

Fairy -> Fairy/Ground
+ Sap Sipper, Natural Cure, Harvest
- Flower Veil, Symbiosis
+ Earth Power, Dig, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Mud Slap, Sandstorm
Pros: Has three useful immunities that completely wall Mega Sceptile/Ampharos, great STAB combo that breaks Steels, no longer outclassed by Sylveon
Cons: Gains Scald weakness

Mienshao (+Mienfoo) (by Jajoken)

Fighting -> Fairy/Fighting
+ Justified
- Inner Focus
+ Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam
Pros: Cool STAB combo, terror to Dark types, gains an immunity
Cons: Gains two weaknesses, has yet another inaccurate move to use

Illumise and Volbeat (by zerobreaker000 and Da Pizza Man)

Bug-> Bug/Fairy
+ Simple (both)
- Illuminate (Volbeat), Oblivious (Illumise)
+ Moonblast, Misty Terrain, Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Misty Terrain, Healing Wish (Volbeat), Quiver Dance (Illumise)
Pros: Defensively and offensively advantageous, powerful boosting options with Simple
Cons: New weaknesses

Masquerain (by The Reptile)

Bug/Flying -> Bug/Water
+ Drizzle
Pros: No longer auto-dies to Stealth Rocks, gains useful new STAB combo, appreciates Water's resistances, new ability to set Rain
Cons: Loses immunity and some resistances

Kricketune (+Kricketot) (by mcFlareon)

Bug -> Bug/Normal
+ Tinted Lens, Scrappy
- Swarm
+ Boomburst, Belly Drum, Metronome, Baton Pass, Fake Out, Extreme Speed
Pros: Powerful new moves, great new abilities, immune to Ghost
Cons: Neutral to Fighting

Stoutland (by mcFlareon)

Normal-> Normal/Ice
+ Fur Coat
- Sand Rush
+ Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Hail, Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Slack Off
- Fire Fang
Pros: Fur Coat gives it a great Defense boost, new STAB/priority helps it offensively, reliable recovery
Cons: Saddled with a ton of new weaknesses (and a x4) in exchange for a single resistance

Golem (+Graveler, Geodude) (by mcFlareon)

Rock/Ground -> Rock/Normal
+ Bulletproof
- Sand Veil
+ Body Slam, Head Smash
- Mud Sport, Magnitude, Earth Power
Pros: Bulletproof is a cool buff, strong STAB Explosion, trades 2 x4 weaknesses for 1, Rock Head Head Smash
Cons: Struggles against Steels, fewer resistances

Raticate (+Rattata) (by mcFlareon)

Normal -> Normal/Poison
+ Adaptability
- Run Away
+ Poison Fang, Venoshock, Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Superpower
Pros: New high-power STAB, loses Fighting weakness, resists Fairy
Cons: Still can't muscle past Steels, gains exploitable weaknesses

Probopass (by Swagodile)

Rock/Steel-> Rock/Electric
+ Levitate
- Sand Force
+ Focus Blast
Pros: STAB Volt Switch, loses x4 weaknesses, can break Steels better
Cons: Misses the perks of Steel

Porygon-Z (+Porygon 2, Porygon) (by mcFlareon)

Normal -> Electric/Psychic (+Electric)
+ Charge, Electrify, Electroweb, Magnet Rise, Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Calm Mind, Barrier, Extrasensory, Psycho Shift, Magic Room, Wonder Room, Skill Swap, Stored Power
Pros: Makes better use of Adaptability, has real resistances (including Fighting), has a STAB pivot move
Cons: Gains a ton of new weaknesses

Electivire (+Electabuzz, Elekid) (by Swagodile)

Electric -> Electric/Fighting
+ Sheer Force
+ Close Combat, Superpower, Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Bulk Up, Swords Dance

Pros: New STAB allows you to take advantage of good offensive stats, priority makes up for Speed, Sheer Force improves Special sets, can wallbreak with Swords Dance
Cons: New weaknesses, loses Flying resistance

Haxorus (+Fraxure, Axew) (by Jajoken)

Dragon-> Dragon/Steel
+ Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Bullet Punch, Stealth Rock
Pros: Typing is very solid against Fairies and opposing Dragons, new STAB to murder Fairies, neat priority, breaks through Magic Bounce
Cons: Hates Steels that can get around EQ, gains Steel's very common weaknesses

Bronzong (+Bronzor) (by mcFlareon)

Steel/Psychic -> Steel/Ghost
+ Shadow Sneak, Curse, Destiny Bond, Phantom Force, Grudge, Spite, Pain Split, Mirror Coat
- Future Sight, Extrasensory, Psyshock, Skill Swap
Pros: Gains Aegislash's legendary typing with the option to mitigate/negate two of its weaknesses, recovery,
Cons: None, honestly (only x2 resists Psychic, I guess? Steel/Ghost is just an overall superior typing)

Noivern (+Noibat) (by mcFlareon)

Flying/Dragon -> Dragon/Ghost
+ Levitate
- Telepathy
+ Night Shade, Curse, Ominous Wind, Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Grudge, Pain Split, Hex, Defog
- Hurricane, Air Slash
Pros: Gains two immunities, STAB Shadow Ball hits most Steels for good damage, retains immunity to Ground
Cons: Vulnerable to Pursuit trapping, loses niche of Dragon with powerful Flying STAB

Octillery (by The Reptile)

Water -> Water/Fire
+ Contrary
- Moody
+ Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Overheat
- Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icy Wind
Pros: Great STAB combo, immunity to Burn, high-power Special and Physical options, Overheat + Contrary
Cons: Has trouble with Dragons, hates new Stealth Rock weakness
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The first submissions slate has started! Submit Pokemon for the three following type combinations:

Dragon + Bug
Dragon + Normal
Dragon + Fighting

Read the guidelines if you haven't already. If you somehow missed the submission template, here it is:

New Moves:
Removed Moves:
Altered Abilities:

The deadline is one week from now: Sunday August 9th at midnight.
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Type: Bug / Dragon
Justification: The main justification for this is that Yamnega is a gigantic ancient Dragonfly. While its design isn't inherently dragonic, it has an ancient and "mystic" vibe, not unlike a Dragon. It's fierce design aspects can also translate to being Dragonic. Finally, and maybe this is just me, but I find it has traits that resemble Haxorus - a Dragon-type. Most of the moves listed are basic STAB options a Dragon like Yanmega would learn - Dragon Claw being the only other normal Dragon STAB move not here due to Yanmega's lack of claws. Air Slash leaves, as Air Cutter does the same thing flavor-wise and it is no longer Flying-typed.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Dragon Rush
Removed Moves: Air Slash
Altered Abilities: none

I don't quite have ideas for the other ones just yet, but I wanted to get this one out of the way, as its the first thing I thought of as soon as I saw the type options

Name(s): Machamp
Type: Fighting / Dragon
Justification: Machamp is a Pokemon who represents power and brute force, something many dragon types show off. In addition Machamp, as everybody knows, has four arms. Because of this Machamp could be seen very similar to, and according to Bulbapedia, may even be based on, Hindu Gods, which because of their ancient mythical nature, make perfect sense to be presented by with a Dragon type. Also, Machamp is the only Pokemon who learns Dual Chop via level up and isn't a dragon type/mega evolve into a dragon type. Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor are given for flavor moves, while Dragon Rush can be used for No Guard sets and Outrage can be used for Guts sets
New Moves: Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Outrage
Removed Moves: None
Altered Abilities: None
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Type: Dragon / Fighting
Justification: Scraggy and Scrafty are based off reptiles that have changed their Skin, and reptiles are often associated with Dragon type in the Pokemon world. They can already learn Dragon-type moves such as Dragon Claw and Dragon Dance and they are effectively part of the Dragon egg group.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Earthquake
Removed Moves: //
Altered Abilities: //
Just a note, but you can make submissions for all three type combos each slate. You don't need to pick just one.

Type: Dragon / Normal
Justification: Ok, so I know this is a huge stretch, but hear me out! Zygarde is the Order Pokemon, and in the PokeLore its job is to keep order and control in the world. Or in other words - it's job is to maintain balance in the world. The Normal-typing is probably the most balanced typing in the game in the sense that it resists nothing and hits nothing SE. It has one weakness and one immunity, but outside of those its basically completely neutral. The other reasons why Zygarde was chosen is because there really aren't that many other recipients. The only Normal-types in the Dragon Egg group are Swablu and the Heliolisk line who is off limits because Electric / Normal is a unique typing. The only other option that comes to mind is Dunsparce - who is much more fitting with some sort of Ground-typing. I guess Kecleon is also an option, as its like the only Normal-typed lizard but that doesn't sit too well with me, considering it goes against Kecleon's gimmick (Lets give the Pokemon who's entire gimmick is to change type a unique typing - because that makes sense). Plus, Zygarde is one of the few Pokemon that could benefit from this, as it already has ExtremeSpeed. The only move given to it is Tri-Attack for a special STAB if you really wanted that. Nothing else is changed because it doesn't make sense to change it. I guess I could give it a "lel wacky" movepool because its a Normal-type now but that seems a bit silly.
New Moves: Tri-Attack
Removed Moves: none
Altered Abilities: none


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Normal / Dragon
Justification: 1) Lives in caves 2) Caudal shaped 3) Has "wings" 4) Land Snake species (distant cousin of the Land Shark.)
New Moves: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, Outrage
Removed Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard
Altered Abilities: N/A

Get ready for some Serene Grace+Coil+Body Slam+Dragon Rush shenanigans!

Name(s): Genesect
Bug / Dragon
Justification: It's over 300 million years old! And just because it was modified by Team Plasma doesn't mean it has to be part Steel. If anything the only reference to alteration is the addition of the cannon, and not everything with cannons = Steel (ask Blastoise.) Losing Steel hurts its viability imo, because now it has two ineffective STABs against Fairy, so really I'm breaking it out of Ubers. (The OP says the mod is OU-based, which I believe this will be.)
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Dual Chop
Removed Moves: N/A
Altered Abilities: N/A

Type: Dragon / Fighting
Justification: It already learns several Fighting-type moves, including Revenge and Superpower by level-up.
New Moves: Drain Punch
Removed Moves: None
Altered Abilities: None

Name(s): Flygon
Type: Bug / Dragon
Justification: It's solely in the Bug egg group and learns Bug Buzz by level-up as Vibrava. Its name is also cleary derived from dragonfly.
New Moves: X-Scissor
Removed Moves: Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Altered Abilities: None

Name(s): Dragonite
Type: Dragon / Normal
Justification: Dragonair is said to be able to fly without wings, suggesting that the line's flight ability is magical. Appearance-wise, it's rather plain compared to some other Dragons. Most of its non-Dragon level-up moves are Normal, plus STAB Extreme Speed.
New Moves: None
Removed Moves: Wing Attack, Hurricane
Altered Abilities: None
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Y'all jokers must be crazy
Name: Haxorus
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Justification: "They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel." Facts to note here: Haxorus is a very territorial pokemon, all three of its dex entries mention it being strong enough to cut steel (but as a dragon, it normally can't), and it has an aggressive fighting stance - all these point towards a fighting type, IMO.
New Moves: +Close Combat
Removed Moves: None that I can think of other than maybe Aerial Ace.
Altered Abilities: -Unnerve, + Sheer Force (I feel that it makes sense due to its sheer spook factor, also it doesn't change much other than coverage moves).

Name: Lucario

Justification: The 'Dragon'-type is one of those types that are connected to the 'mythical' or 'legendary'. Thanks to Lucario's portrayal in both anime and movies, as well (according to Pokemon DB) as its name coming from the word 'orichalcum', an anicent, mythical metal, it could be classed as something like that, although not strictly. It also learns two Dragon-type moves, Dragon Pulse and Dual Chop, already.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush
Removed Moves: Metal Sound, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon
Altered Abilities: None

Name: Venomoth

Justification: This may be far-fetched, but a species of moth known as the 'Spotted Apatelodes' (idk how to pronounce it either) is often called the 'Dragon Moth', and personally, I think Venomoth seems like the closest match to it, due the species' baby form looking quite similar to Venonat. Venomoth's dex entries also states it has scales, which Dragons tend to have too. If you want to look up the moth species, go ahead.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Outrage
Removed Moves: Poison Fang, Venoshock, Poison Powder
Altered Abilities: None

Name: Dodrio

Justification: This may seem like another stretch, but Dodrio, as many people know, is partially based on the Hydra, a draconic-like mythological creature. (Also, if Hydreigon is Dragon-type, why not Dodrio?). The removal of the Flying-type makes sense due to the fact Dodrio is grounded despite its ground immunity, and the fact not all bird Pokemon have to be Flying-type, such as Empoleon and Blaziken.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Outrage, Dragonbreath, Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance
Removed Moves: Aerial Ace, Mirror Move, Sky Attack, Air Cutter
Altered Abilities: None

EDIT: The idea of the project is awesome!
EDIT EDIT: Surprised no one has thought of Bug/Dragon Haxorus yet.
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If we can reserve these, then I reserve Armaldo for Bug/Dragon.
I'll accept reservations, though I ask that people only reserve one Pokemon at a time even if you plan to submit for all three types. I don't want the first posts of every slate to be "I reserve X, Y and Z."
Also Swagodile you already made a submission for Dragon + Normal. You need to choose either Dragonite or Noivern, or I'm only going to use Dragonite for the voting stage.

Goomie, Sligoo, Goodra
Type: Dragon/Bug
Justification: Goodra is most likely based on French myths about dragon-snails. No, seriously. Only Goodra is a slug, and is cute and friendly, but close enough.
New Moves: Signal Beam, Bug Bite (Only Arceus is a Bug without knowing it), Sticky Web, Struggle Bug. (All fully evolved Bugs aside from Arceus know it)
Removed Moves: None.
Altered Abilities: None.

You have no idea how tempted I was to give it Compound Eyes, doe-eyes and logic be damned.

Name(s): Druddigon
Type: Dragon/Normal
Justification: It's a funky little toy dragon. It's... almost generically a Dragon. If that makes any sense.

That and my preferred choice -Salamence, generic European Dragon of genericness- is all about the Flying type. :( Or I could do Kaiju Kangaskhan, but I dun wanna. So, Druddigon, who really could use the help anyway.
New Moves: Body Slam
Removed Moves: None.
Altered Abilities: None.

Name(s): Nidoran Female, Nidorina, Nidoqueen
Type: Dragon/Fighting (Nidoran Female and Nidorina are pure Dragon)
Justification: A combative (RIVALRY) bunny-reptile whatsit. We're told Nidoqueen has poisonous barbs like Nidoking, but it doesn't really look it, it looks more like it has rounded Godzilla spines. So, drop the Poison angle, because it's barely there anyway, and drop the Ground angle because... well, honestly, I haven't the foggiest why the Nidoroyals suddenly gain the typing anyway.
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Close Combat.
Removed Moves: Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Earth Power, Toxic Spikes.
Altered Abilities: Poison Point is replaced with Defiant.

You have no idea how tempted I was to give it Parental Bond.
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EDIT EDIT: Surprised no one has thought of Bug/Dragon Haxorus yet.

Name(s): Haxorus
Type: Bug/Dragon
Justification: Haxorus is quite bug-like in a few ways. Its' tusks are similar to Pinsir's horns, and its' armour is rather shell-like and is a weird buggy shade of yellow. IDK if this helps, but it gets (teh ultimate bug move) X-Scissor.
New Moves: U-turn, Bug Buzz, Fury Cutter, Struggle Bug
Removed Moves: n/a
Altered Abilities: n/a
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Are you allowed to repeat submissions? I've seen two Dragon/Fighting Scrafty's atm but both are kinda different...
Yes, but only if the submissions are sufficiently different. Here, the reasoning is nearly identical, neither removed any moves or abilities, and the only difference is that Stitch98 added added additional moves. So in this case, I'll only take the first submission -- though Ghoul King is welcome to resubmit a different Dragon + Fighting entry if he wants.
Okaaaaay fiiiine. Make me be creative like I want to be anyway!

Switched to Nidoqueen. Maybe now it won't just be "bad Nidoking".

Bug Haxorus
I don't really see what's Bug-like about it. It's a dinosaur with an axe attached to its face, with armor plating. What's Bug-like about that?

Name(s): Mega Latios

Justification: Notably outclassed clone of Mega Latias, who's Mega Evolution makes it more use then Latios's, unless we just want to keep using Choice Scarf normal forms, making it have a different type will help it greatly, its male gender works as there has never been a female only Fighting type and there has been male ones. It also has more attack (mainly in mega evolution) then the other and more then average in Fighting types.

Also for ironic-ness:
It understands human speech and is highly intelligent. It is a tender Pokémon that dislikes fighting.
Now When it mega evolves, it becomes so aggressive, it losses it tenderness to protect Latias and the people he loves, And Latias protect it through Mega evolving as well thanks to its bulk (A nice explanation for their stats and stuff)

New Moves: Final Gambit, Focus Blast (TM), Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Sky Uppercut, Superpower (Tutor Move), Reversal, Seismic Toss
Removed Moves: Heal Block, Heal Pulse, Telekinesis, Stored Power, Memento, Psycho Shift
Altered Abilities: Sheer Force, otherwise keep Levitate (Which seems more of a Psychic type ability)
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Name(s): Exploud
Type: Normal/Dragon
Justification: Exploud is pretty reptile-like in terms of looks already, and giving it a Dragon typing makes some sense.
New Moves: Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw (TM), Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Outrage (Move Tutor, Egg Move), Draco Meteor (Move Tutor), Dragon Dance (Egg Move)
Removed Moves: None
Altered Abilities: +Mold Breaker (rip Soundproof users)

Name(s): Scyther
Type: Bug/Dragon
Justification: Scyther also has reptilian features in its design including the head and the legs. That, and this can boost its usability, since Bug/Flying is... really bad.
New Moves: Dragon Claw, Dual Chop, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse (Move Tutor), Outrage, Draco Meteor (Move Tutor)
Removed Moves: Air Slash
Altered Abilities: Steadfast --> Hyper Cutter

Name(s): Marowak
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Justification: Marowak already learns quite a few Fighting moves, and the skull on its head looks rather obviously to be a reptilian one.
New Moves: Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw (TM), Dragon Pulse (Move Tutor), Outrage, Draco Meteor (Move Tutor), Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Revenge, Karate Chop, Superpower (Move Tutor), Submission
Removed Moves: Earth Power, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Blizzard
Altered Abilities: None

Name(s): Snubull and Granbull
Type: Normal / Dragon
Justification: Lets be honest, absolutely nothing about these two say fairy type appearance wise, so its logical to bring them back to their routes as a normal type. In addition, I decided to give them a dragon type to expand on their more brutal appearance, which is shared by many dragon types. I gave them typical dragon type moves to show off their new dragon type. I also removed Dazziling Gleam and Play Rough because they lost their fairy type.
New Moves: Dual Chop, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Draco Meteor
Removed Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough
Altered Abilities: None


special little potato

Name(s): Rampardos
Type: Dragon/Fighting
Justification: Rampardos is based off a dinosaur, close enough to dragon amirite. And just look at it's design, it's based off a battery ram and a dinosaur, this thing is meant to get in your face and attack with a certain physical style, like fighters do. It already gets quite some dragon moves but one is a special move and the other is low priority. Rampardos also gets outrage as well as many other fighting type moves which supports this typing.
New Moves: Close combat, dragon claw, dragon dance, drain punch.
Removed Moves: Rock slide and stone edge (keeps head smash because it's a ramming pokemon)
Altered Abilities: none

Name(s): Mega Garchomp
Type: Dragon / Fighting
Justification: This follows a similar mentality to Fighting Haxorus - it has a ferocious and strong look to it. Fighting isn't out of the question that, and most of the other good ideas were taken ;; I didn't want to straight up give this monster Close Combat, so I figured the best STAB for it would be Cross Chop, as its not too powerful and fits with its design. Finally, since it doesn't have its Ground-typing, Sand Force isn't the most sensible for it. Since the whole idea is that we're going for the ferocious / powerful flavor for its Fighting-type, Intimidate was given to it. This is also mainly here to give Garchomp more viability over normal chomp.
New Moves: Cross Chop
Removed Moves: none
Altered Abilities: Sand Force --> Intimidate

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