Unfairly blacklisted.

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I've been blacklisted by ilegal hacks, without any proof. I have 40 videos in my channel, proving I don't cheat. I hate cheaters.

I posted this before, and a moderator with an avatar of porygon laught at me and then deleted my post. WTF is going on in this forum? I'm feeling really upset with the attitude of the mods (dont notice if I have been blacklisted, flooding, deleting because I tell them they are flooding...) and the server (so slow) as well.

Now if you are battled against me, tell everyone I don't cheat.
You might not cheat but you sure dc alot in all our battles and with other people -cough your vms-
thanks. but everyone can see I am a ''cheater'' in that post so I'm doing public I'm not... I've also sent a message to a mod, but he doesnt respond, so here it is. I want to solve this problem.

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The blacklist thread exists precisely so there aren't a million complaint threads.

We are aware of your situation, please be patient.
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