Y'all jokers must be crazy

These three are obviously using Electromagnetic Levitation. That should probably count for something. I'll edit when I get back from dinner.
I'm just thinking about the Rotom Formes. Wouldn't each forme get a different intrinsic ability? for example

Rotom O: Levitate + Cursed Body
Rotom W: Levitate + Water Veil
Rotom H: Levitate + Flame Body
Rotom F: Levitate + Ice Body
Rotom C: Levitate + Hyper Cutter

I cant think of something that would go with Rotom Spin, but just please don't give it levitate... Dx
Hyper Cutter doesn't really do Rotom-C much good. I say give it Sap Sipper. It is a lawnmower, after all. And while it doesn't benefit from the attack boosts, it does benefit from the immunity.

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