Data Usage-Based Tier Update for May 2020

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Why is Mr. Rime, a pokemon that has great stats across the board, in PU, when Galar Mime should be? I feel terrible for looking at this and this is why.
I want to admit that the a "we need to save [X]" movement is a bit off-putting when it comes to early metagame development. Even if something doesn't deserve to drop, things will drop whether you think they're good enough for the tier or not. And the thing is, it's not like you can't use them to the same effectiveness in the tier anyway. You can stifle metagame development this way, and I think it can really throw things off course, especially given how early we are into the Gen 8 meta where we're trying to still get our bearings regarding tier balancing.

I want to make clear that I don't think there's really an issue with advocating Pokemon in a tier, and that I'm not at all upset or angry with aim for this, since content is content (especially right now given COVID-19), but I feel this just isn't the time.
Big fax, I understand my mans wanna new series with blunder after BL Knights, but just let my Boi Ttar fall off. It is a natural occurrence that you just need to let happen

Also, don't mind Joey doing this, but all these kids with their SaveTtar alts like they in sum kinda revolution need to just, pls, just stop, or I will keep pulling up with my Cosmic Power Body Press Mew to ruin your day.
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Honestly can we all just stop with whole save ttar/anti save Ttar racamacoogus.Its getting pretty annoying at this point seeing everyone talk on and on(before u say I am just shhh lol)

anyway a good few of these changes will be quite intresting imo.The biggest thing im excited for is probably Drapion dropping to RU because even though Pursuit is D I E it still has good versatility because it can suprise with a Band Knock Off if you thought it was just Bulky Toxic Spikes.Inteleon in RU is will not go down well xdxdxd.I can see it getting quickbanned because it will just maul everything in the tier.TBH im suprised Ninjask didint drop back to PU after it ended up being fairly mediocore in NU.I also expected Froslass to drop as that wasnt seeing a ton of usuage

Jokes aside, while im not part of this "save tyranitar" group, ive still been having fun using ttar on the ou ladder, trying out different sets. If he drops thats fine i guess but it would be a little sad to see this legendary mon drop just because gamefreak forgot to add pursuit into sw/sh...
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