Data Usage-Based Tier Update for November 2020

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You know what the biggest surprise is?

How the hell is Regigigas UU?
Was Rest and Protect really that much of a buff?
Haha. As a UU main, this is both worse and more hilarious than even I had imagined it would be. I knew we were going to get the brunt of stuff that likely shouldn't drop, just like we did with DLC1 (and like we always do), but this is something else. Losing regular Slowbro as we expected just makes it even worse/funnier.

Personally, the worst thing, among many (many things), about these drops is that keep both Volcanion and Volcarona in the same tier, meaning that just like with UU Alpha from Gen 7, I'm going to have no idea which one the people who inevitably truncate their names to just "Volc" are talking about at times. Joy.

Oh well. This is 2020-appropriate at least, and we finally got Hippo back from OU, if maybe only for a month or two. Hippo makes the incoming suffering through both the terrain wars and the weather wars of the next month slightly more bearable.

I mean yeah, but Regigigas ended up being used more than Terrakion, Gengar, and Raikou.
New Toy Syndrome is a thing. People are inevitably going to play around with the newest mons to see what works and what doesn't, which the way this DLC (extortion) has been trotted out by Game Freak just magnifies. It's part of why I expected Regigigas to not all the way to PU immediately given its changes (that still don't make up for Slow Start) and why I expected UU to get dumped on extra hard just like we did with the last DLC. Raikou also probably got less use than Regigigas due to Regieleki and Tapu Koko being the new Electric types people were playing around with the most.

At least base form Calyrex is in PU already where its trash, big-headed self belongs.
Volcarona is now in a tier without Chansey, Blissey, Heatran, and Toxapex....

Screenshot 2020-11-06 103504.png

Why don't we just make a new tier called FU to make room for these drops? They could all just bash on each other in their own tier.

E: Surprisingly, Chansey is in UU. But that's one check. One. And you are now basically faced with the options of 1) running Chansey/Gyara/Diancie/Gigalith and 2) revenge kill, which is unsurprisingly difficult as QD also boosts speed.
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