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Other Userlist Icons Stylish

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Somewhere between relatable and psychotic
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Could I please have mine changed to
? I didn't know you could have animated ones when I requested it.
As well as it being applied to both names; Marie Rose & Kasumi
Thanks in advance.
ps name :IlIlIlIlIlIlI
Pokemon : Mega-Garchomp <3 (would love if it does bounce) if there a possibility switchign for this <3<3<3
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Update 10:

Vote on this poll:

Get the latest update here (Must Update to see the latest icons):

Thanks for using my stylish!
Current (known, w/ icons) usercount using the stylish: 505!
Thanks to Wyn and Septicus for helping me out with this update!

Dread Arceus

total cockhead
PS Name: Dread Arceus
http://imgur.com/4ANTZ83 <Save this image then go on http://gifmaker.me/resizer/ and upload it. Then it'll say its 500 x 281 px u convert it to 32x18 (order matters) then click resize gif. Then u download it.

EDIT: fine jack be that way :( just a bouncy arceus, a black one if possible. if i have time i'll reskin one if one doesn't exist :@

EDIT2: static black arceus if bouncy dread-plate arceus doesn't exist: http://i.imgur.com/E5ArMIC.png
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