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  • Introduction
    • xy dubers was fun, but with the coming of oras, there are lots of new strategies to explore
    • all of your favorite dragons and assorted mythical creatures are available to be used in doubles ubers
    • have you ever met a person on the ladder who has complained about the fact that you are using "overpowered legendaries" on your team? stick it to their butts by using TWO overpowered legendaries at the same time!
  • Threats
    • mega ray
    • the primals
    • xerneas
    • arceus
  • Teambuilding Archetypes
    • trick room
    • tailwind
    • weather
  • Conclusion
    • unfortunately, doubles ubers is nonpopular and considered an om and thus does not have its own room on showdown
    • however, rather than talking about it in the om room, the best place would be the doubles room!
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