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hi. this nu sets viability rankings. in this thread, we as a community will rank every pokemons usable set into which tier of the viability ranking they individually fall under. In this thread, you're encouraged to post your thoughts and opinions on the various set rankings for each pokemon. posts in this thread will be taken into account when deciding rank changes.

you can also check out the NU Role Compendium for more info

all-out attacker - means every move used on this pokemon is an offensive move. there are no setup moves, utility moves, nor support moves
offensive - usually incorporates Pokemon that are offensively-oriented; however, may have some utility with them (i.e. taunt, intimidate) or setup moves
utility - varies from pokemon to pokemon, but basically these pokemon are not often offensive based and, even if they are, usually support the team more often than sweep. such examples are laying entry hazards, wish pass, or using u-turn / volt switch. This can sometimes be known as pivot as well
defensive - are basically pokemon that are more defensively-oriented

S Rank:

Defensive: S​
Assualt Vest: A+​
Defensive Calm Mind: A​
Offensive Z-Celebrate: S​
Choice Specs: S​
Offensive Life Orb: A+​
Choice Scarf: A​
Bulky attacker: A​
A Rank:

Defensive Stealth Rock: A+​
Choice Specs: A+​
Offensive Calm Mind / Stealth Rock: A​
Offensive Swords Dance: A+​
Offensive bulky berry pivot: A-​
All-Out Attacker Choice Band: A+​
Stealth Rock Utility: A+​
All-Out Attacker Choice Specs: A+​
Offensive Icicle Plate: A+​
Choice Scarf: A​
Defensive Utility (Wish): A​
Offensive 3 Attacks + Healing Wish: B+​
Calm Mind: B+​
Defensive utility Stealth Rock setter: A​
Offensive utility Z-Move / Curse / Choice Band: A-​
All-Out Attacker Z-Move: A​
All-Out Attacker Choice Specs: A-​
All-Out Attacker Choice Band: A-​
All-Out Attacker Assualt Vest: B​
Offensive Assualt Vest: A​
Offensive Toxic + Protect: B+​
Offensive Guts + Flame Orb: B+​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb: A​
Offensive Setup Sweeper: A​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb: A​
Choice Scarf: B+​
Choice Scarf: A​
Choice Band: A​
Offensive Z-Move: A- / B+​
Bulky Offensive Stealth Rock: A​
Offensive Swords Dance / Rock Polish: B​
Offensive Swords Dance: A​
Offenisve Nasty Plot: A​
Type: Null​
Defensive Swords Dance + Iron Defence: A​
Defensive RestTalk Pivot: A​
Life Orb Offensive: A​
All-Out Attacker Choice Specs: A​
SubSeed Offensive: B​
Stealth Rock Bulky Offensive Utility: A-​
Hex Offensive Utility: A-​
Choice Scarf Utility: A-​
Assault Vest: A-​
Offensive Trick Room: A-​
All-Out Attacker Choice Band sand sweeper: A-​
Defensive Utility (magic bounce): A-​
B Rank:

Offensive Trick Room: B+​
Defensive Utility: B-​
Sub + Bulk up: B+​
Choice Scarf: B+​
Choice Scarf: B+​
Offensive Calm Mind: B+​
Wish + Protect: B+​
Stealth Rock Defensive Utility: B+​
Offensive Stealth Rock: B​
Defensive UtIlity Spike Setter: B+​
Offensive Utility Spike Setter: B-​
Choice Scarf: B+​
Offensive Nasty Plot: B+​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb: B+​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb: B+​
Offensive Defog: B+​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb: B+​
Cosmic Power: C​
Offensive Quiver Dance: A​
Offensive Swords Dance: B​
Defensive utility Rapid Spin: B​
Offensive Calm Mind: B​
Choice Specs Offensive utility: B​
Defensive Utility Hazard Remover: B​
Offensive Utility Hazard Remover: C-​
Defensive utility hazard setter: B​
Offensive Swords Dance Z-Move: B​
Offensive Choice Scarf: B-​
Sub + Bulk Up: C+​
Defensive: B-​
Defensive utility: B​
All-Out Attacker: B​
Offensive Curse + White Herb: B-​
Choice Scarf: B-​
Offensive 3 Attacks + Z-Move: B​
Assualt Vest: B-​
Bulky Offensive Rest + Sleep Talk: B​
Offensive Z-Happy Hour: B​
Choice Scarf: B​
Offensive Stealth Rock: B​
Defensive Utility Stealth Rock: B​
Offensive Nasty Plot: B+​
Offensive Shell Smash: B​
Offensive Utility Spikes: B-​
Defensive utility Stealth Rock: B​
Defensive: B​
Offensive Swords Dance sand sweeper: B​
Offensive Dragon Dance: B​
Bulk Up + Rest: B-​
Defensive Utility Pivot: B​
Choice Scarf: B​
Utility: B​
Choice Band: C+​
Defensive Utility: B​
Offensive Z-Celebrate: B​
Bulky Offensive Roost Z-Move: B​
All-Out Attacker Choice Specs: B-​
Agility: C+​
Defensive: B​
All-Out Attacker Life Orb / Choice Band / Kings Rock: B-​
Offensive Work Up: B-​
Offensive Swords Dance Z-Move: B-​
Bulky Offensive utility Stealth Rock: B-​
Offensive Swords Dance: B-​
Offensive Special Life Orb: B-​
Choice Scarf: B-​
Offensive Swords Dance: C+​
Bulky Offensive utility Stealth Rock: B-​
Offensive Swords Dance / Rock Polish: C+​
Defensive Utility - Stealth Rock + Weather Setter: B-​
Offensive Belly Drum Setup Sweeper: B-​
All-Out Attacker Toxic Boost: B-​
if you have any suggestions / changes / input you would like to post, please do so ! i encourage discussion here, and if any changes on the viability rankings occur, i will change it accordingly here too.
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some stuff that I'd like to nom/ see discussed

3atks megadino > A-/B+ (obv this things niche is healing wish, but its a waste of an audino imo)
cm slowbro > A- (now everything kinda runs toxic, esp other bros this is really awkward)
icicle plate ice cream > A-/B+ (am i the only one thats happy when its not specs ice cream)
defensive aroma > c+ (while yeah, it resists fighting, we have plenty good fighting resists, defensive just gets outclassed by audino in every way)
work up cinc >c+/ maybe not even list it it sux
AoA doom > B/B- (this might just be my general unliking of life orb but LO doom in general gets worn down way too easily, and with neither amazing speed and lackluster bulk, and losing the ability to break stall, not doing very significant damage when trapping xatu, and getting worn even more when doing so just makes this set something that I'd hardly consider when making a team)


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Lmao no posts in a while, so lemme make some.

(Calm Mind) -> B+
I think this set is pretty mediocre right now, oftentimes I find myself just wanting to run the standard Wish set because it beats what I want this set to but better with defensive synergy. Unless I REALLY needed Mega Audino as well as an offensive mon, I wouldn’t use this set.

(Add Life Orb + Z-Move)
LO Virizion has shown loads of merit as of late, since it gives Virizion automatic high damage output rather than having to set up an SD, so I feel the SD set should be split into two different sets. LO being A, and Z move being A-. Z as of late has shown less promise because against some teams it does absolutely nothing.

(Remove Assault Vest/Rank it much lower)
I don’t see Assualt Vest doing a lot in this meta, and I don’t even know why it was ranked in the first place tbh. Prove me if I’m wrong though.

That’s all I have for now, I’m sure there’s more I could go over but right now I’m on phone so typing is hard.
hey! i finally got around to giving this a massive massive update, removing and adding old and new mons, changing rankings and sets due to metagame changes over time and so on.

i encourage any discussion, nominations or questions to be posted in this thread, and i will make sure that this stays updated after vr changes / drastic metagame changes

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Venu - should have a LO set in A+/S

Incineroar- Bulk pivot I'd honestly put at the same rank as SD, but A- is totally under selling it. Split difference in A imo. Also put AV in A-

Steelix - Add 3 sets. Offensive rocks (a+), Defensive Sp.d rocks (a), Special rocks (A-).

Audino-Mega - both offensive sets should be B.

Guzzlord - AV should be B+ as its notably worse then other sets, but not by a lot and has a lot of justification to running in this meta.

Hariyama - Defensive lefties is so so much better then AV. Offensive toxic + Protect isn't really a set as they've basically traded all atk evs in place for def evs. Defensive lefties > AV > flame orb > BD

Heliolisk - Specs is the best set, followed by LO, then by Scarf and Zmove. There shouldn't be only 1 set here

Passimian - CB is a lot worse then scarf so it should be bumped down to the same viability as Zmove

Toxicroak - Scarf should be added to A-

Delphox - Scarf is the worst set by far. Drop under wish and CM

Garbodor - Offensive is still fine, either rank equal to defensive or 1 tier below.

Rest looks fine!


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very little i saw that didn't get touched on in the above post, but

- Steelix needs to have a Curse set added as well, probably ranked at A, though I could potentially see A+ too.
- Swords Dance Sceptile should be added, more than likely a subrank below the special attacking variant.
- I feel like Bulk Up + Rest Scrafty could possibly be ranked the same as the Dragon Dance set.
- Also kind of want to see Swords Dance Scyther ranked down to, like, C, but not 100% sure.

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