USM Random Battles Role Compendium

Changelog 4/26/2018

-Fixed broken sprites
-Various minor spacing fixes
-Added Volt Switch users
-Added Accelgor to Toxic Spikes users, Araquanid to Sticky Web users, Volbeat, Ninjask, and Emolga to U-turn users, Volbeat and Illumise to Defog users
-Updated Setup Sweepers to include Agility, Autotomize, Belly Drum, Contrary, Clangorous Soulblaze, Rain Dance + Swift Swim, Sunny Day + Chlorophyll, and Trick Room
-Completed the list of Z-Move users (it was incomplete before)
-Completely removed the Baton Pass section, as Baton Pass was removed from randbats entirely.

Glad to be here, folks, I'll be active for any changes y'all wanna suggest.

Recovery + Choice Scarf users coming as soon as I can circumvent the character maximum for Smogon posts.
Changelog 4/28/2018

-added Taunt and Psycho Shift to status
-created (read: took over) post #2: contains the new Recovery section, as well as an Item Users section containing the old Z-Move users section and a new Choice Scarf users section.

Huge thanks to everyone that's helped this get up to date:
the cool people who posted suggestions in this thread
and everyone in the Random Battles room that helped out with Recovery
Changelog 5/16/2018

-added Tapu Fini and Mimikyu to Taunt users
-added Turtonator to Shell Smash users
-added Marshadow to Z-Move users and to Bulk Up users
-added Tapu Lele to Choice Scarf users
-added a list of Destiny Bond users
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