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The following Salazzle set is getting an analysis. Please only reserve it if you know how this set works. Thanks!

Salazzle (F) @ Black Sludge
Ability: Corrosion
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Toxic
- Protect
- Flamethrower
- Substitute / Taunt
Shouldn't it be 248 HP because of Stealth Rock??

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Latias revamp and Mega Steelix revamp are up for reservation.

But I'm reserving Mega Steelix, so basically only Latias is up for reservation lol :blobpex:.

Pay attention that Latias is high priority, which means that if you're not on the QC team you'll have to get our approval before reserving it.


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For anyone who hasn't read the recent "Changing the Current Analysis Format" thread, there's been some discussion regarding fluff in analyses and unneeded information. This is a message to all active writers.

We've decided to cut common analysis details such as 252 / 252 spreads and the subsequent natures (whether it be from defensive or offensive spreads) and Mega Stones or otherwise extremely self explanatory items and abilities from Set Details. However, if, in the analysis, there is a more complicated spread that needs legitimate explaination, such as this example from the Amoonguss analysis, then it's necessary to elaborate:

252 HP EVs and 72 Special Defense EVs, in conjunction with a Calm nature, allow Amoonguss to avoid the OHKO after Stealth Rock from Primarina's Psychic.
Moves sections comments that state "strongest and most reliable STAB attack" and the like, as well as something to the effect of "Calm Mind raises Special Attack and Special Defense by one stage" should also be cut down. Specifically for the second example, if a move is run on the set, especially if it's the main focus of the set, there has to be more than a dex info reason for it. Stuff like STAB moves can just be left out, as they're relatively self-explanatory unless you're talking about the choice of Fire Blast vs Flamethrower for example.

In addition, we've refined what can and can't be mentioned in the Other Options section. Basically, only legitimately viable options with actual niches can be added to Other Options. This means, if the Pokemon only has a singular niche in the meta (such as Magneton only viably being able to run Magnet Pull to trap Scizor and Empoleon) then it's perfectly acceptable to not mention any other alternative abilities or moves in Other Options. There's no need to fluff out the section if there's nothing else ever worth running. Additionally, moves or sets that are basically unviable with no niche and should never really used also shouldn't be mentioned. Sets or moves with little to no real use (with a couple of examples being things such as Dragon Pulse Mega Altaria, Brutal Swing Scizor, and Choice Specs Salazzle) should never be included again (even if they were not initially included, just an example).

There's one exception with the Mega Stone rule, and it's if there are several slashed items on the set (with one of those including the Mega Stone). One example is Slowbro, which can easily run several viable items, with one of them being its Mega stone. At this point, it's ok to mention what the Mega stone does compared to the other items.

Thank you to everybody reading this and thanks to everyone for writing! We appreciate it :)
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Can I write Zeraora's analysis when the time comes for it? I know I need to wait for the meta to develop to get actual sets, so please let me know if you'll allow me to write it.
Does that mean only badge users are allowed to write it? Or does that mean I'm allowed to when the time comes, i just gotta be quick about finishing it?

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Defog Hydreigon Revamp, Decidueye, and Defensive Slowbro are up for reservation.

Defog Hydreigon Revamp is High Priority, which means only QC members are free to reserve it and regular members need our approval to reserve it.

Rotom-Heat and Choice Band Darmanitan are also up for reservation because they were dropped.

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