UM/OM USUM Balanced Hackmons 7 Suspect #8: Contrary - Voting

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The results are out!
DNB: 7
No Vote: 2

Total:    30
Adjusted: 28

Votes Required(60%): 0.60 * 28 = 16.8 = 17
Percentage Achieved: 21 / 28 * 100 = 75.00

Decision: BAN
So there you have it! Contrary is now Banned!

And how can we forget the main event!
Tbh the names this time around weren't the greatest, but I'm going to go with Coldembrace and his alt Conical Sphere. It's kinda referencing Malamar in a way. So as your reward, if you are on our Discord, I will give you a custom role that I promised, and also I'll post a meme about it that I found that I wanted to use as a header for these threads:

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