Other Tiers USUM BL Discussion Thread

I gladly feel satisfied with the GSC UUBL tier that it is today, it feels fleshed out enough to warrant me to move my time to another gen, which just so happens to be USUM UUBL. Its list is slightly smaller than that of GSC UUBL, but size doesn't equate to nuance, but the mons do, having ridiculous offensive capabilities, making the metagame to be quite hectic and something I want to explore in-depth. But with no ROA spotlight and very few recorded tours, the metagame lays to waste as an unexplored treasure trove of unique, hectic fun. I am creating this thread to allow people to discuss and theory craft on how this tier will, and is shaping, there is the ROA UUBL Discord server, which has replays and active people you request battles against on showdown, and discord wide tournaments if you're into those. https://discord.gg/X4BYSB5 I would enjoy if you were to join because there are resources to other gens in there as well if something else peaks your interests, but were kinda low on active players, so if your open, please consider joining.
Now some of you may wonder why did I get into DPP, after all, it is the most logical step after GSC (since ADV is already covered in-depth), and my answer to that lies in new information that surfaces to me about the new placement of certain previous OU mons. Here's the thread ( https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/cleaning-up-the-oldgen-teambuilders.3666541/#post-8519420 ) it's a good read, but the short of it is there are mons that should not be OU by usage in previous old gens, but it is impossible to let the drop to UU for a plethora of reasons. The most logical step would be to make those mons UUBL (something I would of course enjoy) but they decided to give them the title "OU by technicality", now this is a discrepancy that might cause confusion, say "Why are you using Dusknoir, it says here it's (OU), not UUBL". So I'm going to wait and let things come to a concrete conclusion before even stepping into the metagame.

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