USUM UU Suspect Process - Stage 10.5, Voting

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Voting on Drizzle and Drought

List of qualified voters:

If you are qualified, but your name isn't on the list, please send me or Pearl a PM.

Please note that our voting format is going to be a little bit different this time around. While Drizzle will be a simple “Unban/Keep UUBL” vote, we will be holding a run-off vote for Drought. Therefore, please make sure you follow the voting requirements exactly as written!

For Drizzle, please vote in the following format:

Drizzle: [b]Unban[/b]
Drizzle: [b]Keep UUBL[/b]
For Drought, there are three options:
  • Keep UUBL
  • Unban Drought
  • Unban Drought and Ban Mega Houndoom

Please list your top two preferred options in order of preference, with #1 being your preferred option and #2 being your backup option if your preferred option does not get a majority. For example, if I wish to keep Drought UUBL, and if that ends up being the least popular option would prefer to unban Drought and ban Mega Houndoom, I would vote as follows:

1. Keep UUBL
2. Unban Drought and Ban Mega Houndoom
(It is not necessary to list your third choice, as a run-off vote will only ever look at your top two options.)

We will be performing what is called an instant run-off vote, a variation on the traditional run-off voting system (where voters keep voting, eliminating the least popular option each time, until one option has a clear majority).

The way the vote will work is as follows:
  • We will tally all of the #1 options. Please note that we ONLY look at the options listed as #1 in this step; backup choices are not taken into account here.
  • If any option has more than 50% of the vote (25 votes), that option will be the winner.
  • If no options have more than 50% of the vote, we will eliminate the option that received the LEAST votes. Anyone who voted for the least popular option as their preferred choice will instead have their vote changed to their backup option. Then we will tally the votes again.

Failing to follow the above format will result in your vote being IGNORED. It is imperative that you read the instructions.

A simple majority of 51% (25 votes out of 48 voters) will be required to unban Drizzle or Drought.

NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: This forum is moderated; if you submit your post but don't see it show up in the thread, then don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. Don't post anything, but your vote in this thread. Also, ONLY POST ONCE. Don't make more than one post or you will be infracted.

To ensure the integrity of the Suspect Process, voters won't be allowed to change their vote once they submit their post. Think carefully before casting your vote, because you won't get the chance to change it.

The voting stage ends on Friday, August 23 at 11:59 PM EST; the result might be announced earlier if the missing votes won't have an impact on the decision anymore.

Regarding the Tiering Contributor badge

  • TC is awarded to those with 10 tiering-related votes across all tiers or 4 tiering-related votes in UU suspect tests.
If you have achieved the above threshold, feel free to PM either me or Pearl with the links to your votes so we can process your request.
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