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Approved by Kink, Sage and Hogg
Hosted by Estarossa, Twilight and pokeisfun
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Next Brain Teaser Session Thursday June 6th 2PM GMT-4. Hosted by Estarossa! See you all there :)

UU Brain Teaser Project

Are you bored or burned out from constant competition in tournaments and laddering? Do you find yourself mindlessly clicking Scald every game to fish for burns and switching back and forth with U-Turn and Volt Switch? Do you want to spend some time sharpening those cognitive skills of yours? Then this project has a solution for all your problems!

Introducing UU Brain Teasers. This is a super friendly project where each week, a host will entertain a live audience in the PS UU room with UU related brain teasers.

Test yourself with this:

At the end of turn 1 of a standard UU game, how can a max speed Technician Ambipom OHKO a Focus Sash Gengar with a Normal move?

The Ambipom gets attacked by a Zeraora's/Smeargle's Plasma Fist, which turns Tail Slap or another multi hit move into an Electric move, forces out Gengar with Red Card and gets enough hits to KO Gengar through the Focus Sash.

Did you solve the puzzle? Try out more in the PS UU room on Friday at 6pm GMT -5 (6pm US Eastern) to sharpen your skills! The person who solves the most brain teasers in any given session and then wins the lighting round gets their name added to the hall of fame if they have a Smogon account and can choose to co-host the next brain teaser session.

Here’s a typical lighting round question:

True or False: Life Orb Timid 252 SpA Gengar's Shadow Ball is a guaranteed OHKO on 0 HP / 0 SpD Latias after SR

Are you ready to test your creativity and wit with your fellow UU players? I’ll be excited to see you soon!

  • Each brain teaser session will last for about 30 minutes or no more than 10 brain teasers (whichever comes first).
    • These questions rely on tricky mechanics and creativity
  • The top two brain teaser solvers after 30 minutes engage in a lighting round where the first to correctly answer three wins the overall session. The host will be clear in saying what needs to be typed out for a point, such as the entire word "True", as time matters.
    • These questions rely on quick thinking and great UU intuition
  • Anyone in the chat can participate in the brain teaser session! It can be hectic but the host will have time stamps on to see who answers first.
  • It is possible some brain teasers will have multiple correct answers, only the first one gets the point.
  • There will be a set time limit for each brain teaser, to be determined by the host.
  • Please be friendly, this can be competitive but also in all good fun!
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Day and Time HostedHost(s)Lighting Round Matchup (winner bolded)
March 8th 2019, 6pm GMT-5pokeisfunClefable vs A Cake Wearing A Hat
March 15th 2019, 6pm GMT-4pokeisfun and Clefabletie between Scizorphobic vs Cheese5555 vs TaxiCaBBB
March 23rd 2019pokeisfunThe Cruelest vs explodingdaisies
March 28th, 6pm GMT-4pokeisfun and ClefableScizorphobic vs Estarossa
April 6th, 6pm GMT -4pokeisfunClefable vs Estarossa
April 22nd, 2pm GMT -4EstarossaClefable vs i like cute things
April 25thSickistpokeisfun vs DubFreaknakeeb
April 29th, 2pm GMT -4EstarossaMygrein vs Shanks69
May 6th, 2pm GMT -4EstarossaAmane Misa vs Sickist vs Twilight vs Daiyaga vs Darksafadao
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April 6th Brain Teasers/Riddles:

Thank you all for playing! Congrats to Estarossa for winning the last week that I host!

I don't know the future of this project but it seems like others may host it! If you don't see any updates here, feel free to PM/message me for any information, such as if you want to host!

Thank you UU room and all players!

Sickist would like to cohost so this project can live on! Yay, thank you Sickist! As usual, see this thread and the OP for updates on the next session.
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Next brain teaser will be this Friday at 7pm GMT -4! I'm doing a round in about 10 minutes to make up for my lack of showing up for the last one. I also wanted to know everyone's thoughts on maybe doing some old generation brain teasers? Let me know what you all think!

Edit: Started at 10:10
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22nd April Riddles:

Congratulations to I like cute things for winning today's brain teasers, with a perfect score on the riddles round! Also well done to Clefable for reaching the lightning round, and to everyone else who did really well too.

Hope you all had a good time, and thanks for playing. I will be hosting again weekly at the same time on Mondays, so hope to see you all again next time I host!
April 25th Teasers:

Congratz to DubFreaknakeeb for winning this session of Brain Teasers, narrowly beating out pokeisfun in the lightning round. Thank you to all participants this week, and I hope my questions will be better next time. I will be hosting these every Thursday instead of Friday at the same 7pm GMT -4. I hope to see you all next week!
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29th April Brain Teasers

Congratulations to Mygrein for winning today's brain teasers, also well done to Shanks69 for reaching the lightning round, and to everyone else who did really well too.

Hope you all had a good time, and thanks for playing. The questions for todays brain teasers and the intended answers are below, (haven't included all the other answers provided, so you can have fun working out some of the others too!) Hope to see lots of you again next week :)


Question 1: On turn 1 of a standard UU game, a max speed level 100 mega-aerodactyl taunt's a modest nature psyduck. How does psyduck outspeed and kill on turn 2 with surf?

Answer: Psyduck uses z-rain dance which works through taunt. This gives it +1 speed, and activates swift swim, allowing it to outspeed and kill under rain.


Question 2: At the end of turn 1 of a standard UU game, a life orb lucario is in play at 63% of it's HP. It moves first on turn 2, and is at full HP with no status conditions before the enemy makes their move. How is this possible, if lucario does not know copycat or me first?

Answer: Lucario uses heal pulse on a magic bounce user, such as xatu.


Question 3: At the end of turn 1 of a standard UU game, how can a leftovers hippowdon have both lost it's item and been badly poisoned?

Answer: Hoopa flings a toxic orb at hippowdon, steals it's leftovers.
Answer: Tricked a toxic orb.


Question 4: On turn 2 of a standard UU game, How can an offensive moltres (252 spA, 252 spe ev's) survive a stone edge from a standard level 100 banded terrakion? Stone edge did not miss, the effects of trick room or reflect are not up, and neither of moltres or terrakion's speed stats have been altered. Moltres does not know endure or protect, and it is not holding a focus sash or band.

Answer: Moltres uses burn up on turn 1 as enemy swaps into terrakion. Moltres is holding a charti berry, which then allows it to survive the stone edge. 252 Atk Choice Band Terrakion Stone Edge vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Charti Berry Moltres: 267-315 (83.1 - 98.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO


Question 5: How can a standard level 100 mega steelix outspeed a level 100 krookodile on turn 2 of a standard UU game? The steelix has 0 speed ivs, and a negative speed nature, the krookodile is not holding an iron ball, and neither pokemon is using moves with non zero priority, and the steelix does not know automotize. The effects of trick room are not up.

Answer: 0 speed EVs krookodile uses beat up against a gooey goodra. The goodra then uses an attack triggering the krookodiles red card, bringing out the steelix. Krookodile is now at 220/4 = 55 speed, which is slower than steelix's 58.


Question 6: How can a max defence stakataka survive an earthquake from a level 100 max attack life orb mamoswine? The stakataka is not holding a focus sash, focus band, air balloon or shuca berry, it has not recieved any defence boosts from beast boost, and reflect is not up. The stakataka does not know protect.

Answer: Enemy uses telekenesis with another pokemon and then swaps into mamoswine before its effect runs out.
Answer: Stakataka uses wide guard.


Question 7: On turn 1 of a standard UU game, a mamoswine is taunted before it can use rocks. How can it set up stealth rocks by turn 3? The mamoswine is not holding a mental herb, and by the end of turn 3 trick or switcheroo have not been used.

Answer: On turn 1, it uses z-roar to bypass taunt and force one of two options out:
Answer 1: On turn 2, a jynx with oblivious is brought out, skill swaps oblivious to mamoswine curing it of taunt.
Answer 2: On turn 2, a pokemon with mental herb and fling is brought out, flinging the mental herb at mamoswine curing it of taunt.

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6th May Brain Teasers

Congratulations to Twilight for winning this week's Brain Teasers! Also well done to Darksafadao , Amane Misa , Daiyaga and Sickist for reaching the lightning round, that was a very tight game.

Hope to see lots of you next time :) Questions and the intended answers are below again for people who didn't come, left out unintended answers for anyone who wants to try and find them.

Question 1: How can a Hippowdon set up rocks on a mega-sableye on Turn 3 of a standard UU game? (The sableye must have mega evolved by end of turn 3)

Answer: Turn 1 enemy skill swaps mold breaker away from your druddigon, druddigon attacks and activates enemy red card bringing out your hippowdon. Enemy then skill swaps mold breaker to your hippowdon, and your hippowdon uses whirlwind to bring out sableye. Sableye then mega evolves and you set up rocks.

Answer: Turn 1 sableye uses knock off on cofagrius and gets mummy instead.

Question 2: How can a (0 HP, 0 Def EVs) Nihilego survive an adamant life orb earthquake from a level 100 mamoswine? The use of protect, focus sash/band, substitute, reflect, tickle and power/guard split and wonder guard are not allowed, and the mamoswine's attack stat was unaffected at the beginning of the turn.

Answer: Grassy terrain is up, nihilego is holding a shuca berry, mamoswine is poisoned. Nihilego outspeds and uses venom drench lowering Atk to range that it survives,

-1 252+ Atk Life Orb Mamoswine Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Shuca Berry Nihilego in Grassy Terrain: 281-330 (78.2 - 91.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery.

Question 3: How can a Jolly swellow OHKO a level 100 (252 HP 80 Def 176 Spdef EVS impish nature) Hippowdon without crits? Swellow does not know work up. Hippowdon does not know swagger.

Answer: Guts swellow is burned, uses z-mirror move to get +2 and copy hippowdons ice fang,

+2 252 Atk Guts Swellow Subzero Slammer (120 BP) vs. 252 HP / 80+ Def Hippowdon: 432-510 (102.8 - 121.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Leftovers recovery and Grassy Terrain recovery

Question 4: How can a pokemon be under the effects of 3 different status effects during a single turn and end the turn with no status?

Answer: Hydration Pokemon (eg. goodra) holding rawst, rain is up. Poison touch muk burns it using fire punch, cured by rawst berry, poisons it after with poison touch. Goodra then uses rest curing it of poison and turning it to sleep. Hydration then cures the sleep due to rain.

Answer: Chesto berry, start turn frozen, thawed by fire punch, poisoned after by poison touch, rest and then woken by chesto.

Question 5: a max speed level 100 Mega-Aerodactyl is brought in on a non-choice scarf timid gengar at the start of turn 3 of a UU game. The gengar outspeeds and OHKOS it. Stealth rocks are not up. How did this happen?

Answer: Turn 1 a stakataka skill-swaps beast boost to a life orb gengar, which does not click focus blast as this would OHKO. Turn 2 gengar kills stakataka and gets a speed boost as it is only running 212 SpA EVS. It then outspeeds and kills with life orb thunderbolt,

212 SpA Life Orb Gengar Thunderbolt vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Aerodactyl-Mega: 260-307 (86.3 - 101.9%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO

Question 6: A bulletproof chesnaught swaps in on a shadow ball and takes no damage from it. How can it take damage from the next shadow ball, without it being a z-move, and without the enemy swapping?

Answer: The enemy mon is cofagrius, chesnaught triggers mummy and no longer has bulletproof.
For the record, I want a rematch with Twilight because the only reason I didn't finish the lightning round is because of time constraints. HMU next time I see you and estarossa :]

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