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The Goal:
The goal of this tour is to be the last player standing; you must collect all currently ranked Pokemon. Participants will be assigned Pokemon from the
UU Viability Rankings. The Pokemon assigned will range from S-D tiers. There are currently 112 ranked mons in the S-D tiers, which means that the cap is at 56 and everyone will get 2 Pokemon. To gain others Pokemon, defeat other participants in UU battles. You will be able to fill out the rest of your team with Pokemon which are not currently ranked in the UU Viability Rankings.

This tour will be done based on trust, maturity, and competitiveness. For this to happen, all participants should be as active as the possibly can, and participants should use resources such as the UnderUsed room in PS! and this thread to find opponents. Challenges should not be refused without good reason. Three-day inactivity will result in a disqualification. If troubles with certain participants occur, such as johning or reluctance, please contact me through PMs and I will remove the participant, and their Pokemon will go to the reporter. You can also reject challenges for half an hour after losing a Pokemon.

When making a challenge, both players are allowed a few minutes to build a team to cover the other’s Pokemon. For example, if a participant were to have Pokemon of all Grass-type and their opponent were to have an Infernape, they may need to be a little creative with their sets. All players and their current Pokemon will be displayed on a chart (refer to post #62) that will be updated as frequently as I can.

Before each match starts, both players will declare what at least one Pokemon of the other’s that they desire (this number might be raised as opponents fall). Both sides must agree to bet all of the Pokemon. You both bet at least one, no exclusions. These are what you are fighting over. After a match, I expect the winner to comment on this forum stating who won and what Pokemon were transferred. REPLAYS ARE MANDATORY; if you win and don't have a replay, the win won't count.

There is an unlimited supply of unranked Pokemon at your disposal. When you are all out of S-D Ranked Pokemon you are out of the challenge. If victor of a battle wants an immediate rematch (to pick on easy prey), the loser is entitled to reject the challenge for 24 hours for recuperation/preparation before they have to accept the next challenge.

The winner will be awarded a Pokemon plushie!

Signups are CLOSED.

Please make sure to read the OP before signing up.
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