Tournament UU ft. Alakazam Tournament (Won by Sage)

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best of the second options
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And without further ado...


spuds4ever vs Freeroamer
Sage vs itsjustdrew
Kink vs martha
daunt vs c kai
A Cake Wearing A Hat vs His
Darksafadao vs Mapplle
Smallsmallrose vs pokeisfun
PapaBisexual vs AryaeMg
DubFreaknakeeb vs Scizorphobic
Regrets vs Guilhew
Ismail vs j0gurt
patoche vs Amukamara
Dollainthewoods vs MysticalHaze
Sickist vs InvejaMata
Seinala vs Moutemoute
DugZa vs MS3D

1) LuluDzn
2) Louna

You will have until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 17th to complete your games. Please try to contact your opponents via VMs to avoid getting subbed out. Feel free to sign up as a sub, as there may be openings depending on any potential activity situations.
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