Project UU King of the Hill: Season 1 Completed!


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Approved by Ark and Hogg. Co-Hosted by Accelgor. Much thanks to LifeisDANK for the art!

Once, in a land much like this, there lived a King, feared by all, opposed by none. He lived on a hill overlooking his land. The land was filled with corruption, and in need of a hero.

One brave Knight, a man of principle and honor, rode through the land in search of a broken kingdom, a kingdom he could rebuild. But alas he could not do it alone.

He selected and trained challengers that he would lead into battle against the King.

Do you accept the challenge, will you take the throne and become the King of the Hill?


Hello folks! Welcome to a new addition to the UU Forums, King of the Hill. This a project that involves both team building and battling. Competitors will challenge the King of the Hill to a battle of both knowledge and skill. Both the King and the Challenger will build a team based around a theme picked by the King (ex. Mono blue, no Choice Scarfs, three Dragon types). They will then compete in a single battle for the throne. If the Challenger wins they will take the Kings place, and the King will step down. If the King wins they will keep their throne.

The rules are in this next segment. Please read carefully!



  1. Your team must follow the theme. You will share your replay with me after your battle. Play by the honor rule and do not cheat, if I discover that you cheated you will be disqualified.​
  2. Save replays for the Hall of Fame. Even if there are a lot of viewers in your battle, not everyone will be able to catch it, and we want to archive every battle so everyone can have fun watching!​
  3. Themes should attempt to modify the UU tier in some way. As such, Pokemon that are currently being suspect tested and are not part of the UU metagame outside of their test cannot be built with unless the theme states otherwise. If a theme does not look to be UU or UU-related (e.g. a BL theme), I will reserve the right to veto such a theme.​
  4. There are no constraints for sets or spreads as long as they fit the theme.​
  5. For Challengers there will be a rolling reservation list in which it is first come first serve. However since this is a rolling reservation list everyone will be able to go eventually. If there is a time zone issue that makes it impossible for the Challenger and King to play the Challenger will be placed back on the waiting list until they can play the King.​
  6. Challenge period will last a maximum of four days at a time. Please get your battle done in this time period. If scheduling is impossible for you, I'll add the Challenger back to the rolling reservation list and have another Challenger give it a go.​
  7. Contact me, or Accelgor on Forums if you have any questions.​
  8. Have fun and enjoy this project!​


Sign-ups are ongoing and there is no end so feel free to sign up anytime. However if the reservation list fills up fast it will take longer for you to participate.

To sign up you must post in this thread with these two things:

Time Zone: PST

Showdown Name: itsjustdrew

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All announcements will be listed in this post. Announcements include the rolling Reservation list, a description of each battle between Challenger and King, which includes the name of both the Challenger and King as well as the theme, and pertinent information regarding changes in the running of this project.

Below is the rolling Reservation list in the exact order of Sign Ups and what order the Challengers will face the King in:
Sage of the 6
Bright Powder Cena

Amane Misa

Below is the archive of each individual match between the King and Challenger including a short description of the team and the winner of the battle, however there is going to be a new post in the thread about each battle:

The first King of the Hill is none other than Kink and will be facing challenger pokeisfun. Both players will be building a team based on the theme ‘Come At Me Bro’. Challengers will be asked to build with four Pokémon with the move Taunt, eloquently name by Ark, Tauntology, the study of Taunt spam.

And the winner is... honorable user pokeisfun! A big thank you to Kink who graciously stepped in as the first King and played a very good match. Pokeisfun will now be the new King of the Hill. Check the Archive of Replays for the replay and Archive of Teams for pokeisfun's team!

Stay tuned for the next Battle where King Christo will subbing in for King pokeisfun and is facing Challenger D2P2 HD! Both players will be building a team based on the theme ‘TBD’. Challengers will be asked to build with three or more Pokémon from the RU tier deemed by pokeisfun, "Still better than Forretress."

And the winner is... King Christo! Thank you to D2P2 HD for a fun battle! Christo is the new King of the Hill. Check the Archive of Replays for the replay and Archive of Teams for Christo's team!

Be prepared for the return of King pokeisfun as King Christo has resigned his throne! King pokeisfun will be facing Challenger Highways! Both players will be building a team based on the theme ‘Hurry Up’. Challengers will be asked to build with teams with only one recovery move (e.g. Wish, Recover, Soft Boiled, Z Haze, Z Refresh, etc.)
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The Kings skilled enough, smart enough, and cunning enough, who manage to defeat three separate Challengers are recorded here. Welcome to the King of the Hill Hall of Fame!

Below is the Hall of Fame. Each King who fulfills the previously stated requirements will be placed on this list.

No King has made it here yet.

Below is the Archive of Replays. Each and every single replay will be recorded here to be viewed by anyone!

Kink v. Pokeisfun

Christo v. D2P2 HD

Pokeisfun v. Highways

Pokeisfun v. Sparrow

Vivalospride v. Phin22

Vivalospride v. Smallsmallrose

Smallsmallrose v. Sage of the 6

Sage of the 6 v. Dondyxd

Sage of the 6 v. PinkDragonTamer

PinkDragonTamer v. Durza Off Topic

PinkDragonTamer v. Bebo7788

Bebo7788 v. retrowaves

A Cake Wearing A hat v. Bebo7788

A Cake Wearing A Hat v. Bright Powder Cena

Bright Powder Cena v. go0d

Go0d v. ChrystalFalchion

ChrystalFalchion v. Euphonos

SilvioGuacamole v. ChrystalFalchion

SIlvio Guacamole v. Magearna8000

Below is the Archive of Teams. Each victorious team, from either a Challenger or a King will be placed here with a decription of the team from the King or Challenger respectively.

Pokeisfun's team:

Christo's team:

Pokeisfun’s team:

Pokeisfun’s team:

Vivalospride's team:

Smallsmallrose's team:

Sage of the 6's team:

Sage of the 6’s team:

PinkDragonTamer’s team:

PinkDragonTamer’s team:

Bebo7788's team:

Bebo7788's team:

A Cake Wearing A Hat (Hikari's team):

Bright Powder Cena's team:

Go0d's team:
Missing :(

Chrystal Falchions team:

ChrystalFalchion’s team:

SilvioGuacamole's team:
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