UU UU Masters I - Round 1

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New Pairings (extension until Wednesday night EST)

Aishia vs Guilhew
starry blanket vs Pearl
PapaBisexual vs Caasi
Jase The World vs Croo
EndlessAge vs c kai
RaJ.Shoot vs Estarossa
BIHI vs abonniertxxxlutzyt
imjustgray vs Rambovic
Sabbio vs Yoshi
JayTheAye vs OsinachiJ
mudd_skip vs Kaori
pokeisfun vs DraconicLepus
Sificon vs -DarkAlex55-
Blitzburgh vs pkcc

REMAINING GAMES - I did not accept Activity for a few of these games, as your opponents have reached out and you have all of today to play. If you need an extension, let me know.

Splashbrutha vs Twixtry
Freeroamer vs PILZ
Sam I Yam vs Dark G
Amaroq vs Lord Lavos
A Cake Wearing A Hat vs sand1234
roman vs TonyFlygon
Darksafadao vs zben
Insult vs Krokorona
Royal1604 vs EternalSnowman
InvejaMata vs StepC
edi0n vs Amukamara

Dual sub-outs - you did not schedule on each other's walls, so the following players/matchups have been permanently subbed out.
Gunner Rohan vs Drud
TSR vs Djokra
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