UU Mini Tournament #7: The Eightfold Path [Round 3]

The deadline has passed. I marked activity wins and coinflip wins in italics next to the matchups. If you believe you have been wrongly coinflipped or activity won, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me about it. Here are the Round 2 results:

19. Somalia vs. 27. Pwnemon
42. eaglehawk vs. 17. FLCL
38. vigi vs. 45. Metal Sonic (Activity Win)
6. Organization Member XIV vs. 4. kokoloko
16. ScraftyIsTheBest
vs. 46. Dragoon124 (Activity Win)
9. Hyperbeem vs. 18. Lunatic Lies (Coinflip Win)
43. Scotti vs. 28. scorpdestroyer
13. ModestGarchomp vs. 36. SpareAacount
15. D4RR3N vs. 37. spuds4ever
34. Rohail17 vs. 29. LonelyNess
24. TPO3 vs. 5. CBTerrakion
14. kuja20 vs. 47. Lowgock

Here are the Round 3 pairings (Individual opponents subject to change if there is a dispute, but I won't re-pair the whole thing in that case, don't worry.)

37. spuds4ever vs. 18. Lunatic Lies
5. CBTerrakion vs. 13. ModestGarchomp
14. kuja20 vs. 16. ScraftyIsTheBest
17. FLCL vs. 45. Metal Sonic
29. LonelyNess vs. 28. scorpdestroyer
4. kokoloko vs. 19. Somalia

Deadline is Monday, July 1st at Midnight, GMT -7.
Won vs ScraftyIsTheBest 2-0, some hax in the first game which probably mattered, would have been nice to go into game 3, gg's regardless.
me and metal sonic have really mismatched timezones so we probably wont be able to get it done until saturday/sunday

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