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OP stolen from superstar Pearl | Inspired by Broken Phobias | Approved by big Sage | Banner by Chloe

As most of you probably know, Secret Santa is an event in which the members of a community anonymously exchange gifts between themselves. In this particular Secret Santa, which, deep down, will work similarly to a teambuilding workshop, each person who signs up will PM me with a Pokemon or a core (I'll provide more information on this below) they'd like someone else to build a team with. Afterwards, everyone who joined the project will receive one of the aforementioned ideas and will have to build a team with it until the submission deadline. Finally, the teams will be sent to the people who requested them and this thread will be used for further discussion. Easy, isn't it? Let's get to the rules then!

General Rules:
  • Post "in" or whatever else you want to (as long as the intent is clear) to join.
  • Don't sign up if you can't guarantee that you'll be able to finish building a team in time. I'll try to keep tabs on everyone and help if needed, but depending on the amount of sign ups we get, it could be hard to do this.
  • Avoid telling people what request you sent/got, as it could ruin the project's purpose.
Submission Rules:
  • Each request submission should be sent to me through Smogon PM. You don't need to do it right after signing up, but if you fail to do it until the deadline then your sign up will be void.
  • Requests will be looked at on a case by case basis. It is preferred that requests are kept viable, but if you really want a team with an unranked/seemingly unviable Pokemon then you can try your luck.
  • Cores are usually preferred over individual Pokemon (i.e. Nidoking + Hydreigon over just Nidoking) unless one of the Pokemon is known to be hard to build around or straight up uncommon (such as Mega Beedrill or Venomoth). Once again, this will be looked into on a case by case basis, and while I might not directly enforce anything, I could end up suggesting changes.
  • If you want your requested Pokemon or core to have specific sets, you're allowed to mention it.
  • After sign ups close, I'll use the same PM each user sent with their request in order to let them know the Pokemon or core that was assigned to them. Once you're done building, bump the PM with the end result.
  • If you don't want me to see the team you made, you're allowed to use However, make sure you provide me with the password so the person you're gifting can open the bin!
  • Similarly to the Pokemon/core requests, it is preferred that you keep teams viable. However, you can try to feature less common elements if you prefer it that way. Just keep in mind that the goal is not to gimp people's creativity, so feel free to go wild if it fits you best!
  • Don't be afraid to join just because you feel like your teambuilding skills aren't on par. I'm down to help everyone who feels this way (or even if you're just having a hard time finishing a team. It happens to everyone sometimes!)
  • You're allowed to change requests until the sign up deadline, but avoid doing it if possible, as it could lead the host into making big mistakes.
  • Have fun!
Sign up deadline is December 10th 11:59 PM PST

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