Tournament UU Snake Draft II: Player Sign-ups

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Hosted by Alkione and DugZa

Player signups are now up for the second UU Snake Draft! Each team will pick in order of the draft pick, for 14 rounds to end up with 8 teams of 14 players each. Managers can choose to purchase themselves in round 1, and that will overwrite their r1 pick.

The tiers in this tournament are:

3 SS UU / 1 SM UU / 1 ORAS UU / 1 BW UU / 1 DPP UU / 1 ADV UU / 1 GSC UU / 1 RBY*
*subject to change based on signups

Indicate in your signup which tiers you would be willing to play. The draft will likely be the 7th. Player sign-ups will be closed the day before auction, and there will be a warning 24 hours before it closes as well.

The teams are as follows:

Team A: Dreamyard Diancies - Managed by Lilburr
Team B: Brave Mew World - Managed by pokemonisfun and LNumbers
Team C: TDK Today at 22:01 lily my team has decided we will not have a team name - Managed by TDK and Pearl
Team D: Meteor Falls Lunatones - Managed by TPP and Lunala
Team E: Dragon's Den Dragonairs - Managed by Indigo Plateau and Accel
Team F: Los Cherno Bouffalants - Managed by Juno and Askov
Team G: Bebo Brand Barboaches - Managed by vivalospride and Amane Misa
Team H: Lake of Outrage Sandacondas - Managed by avarice and Highways

The pick order was decided here.

Signup with the following format:

Player Name: estarossa
Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU / ORAS UU / BW UU / DPP UU / ADV UU / GSC UU / RBY UU (yeah I'm nice like that)
Timezone : GMT +0
The tournament will likely be around 9 weeks long, so do not sign up if you have conflicting commitments that would cause you to miss a large portion of the tour.


The deadline to sign up is Saturday, November 6th at 11:59 PM EST.
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Player Name: Aqua Ring
Tiers Played: Substitute > SS UU > GSC UU > ADV UU > BW UU > DPP UU
Timezone : GMT -4
Will need teams for ADV UU, BW UU, and DPP UU if I'm drafted to play, but I can offer metagame knowledge of ADV UU and BW UU
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