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I used to play in gen 4 and 5 (pre B2W2) and haven't really played much in gen 6. While going through other metas I noticed that the Primals in ORAS made a massive usage shift.

Straight to the point, I would like to suggest the introduction of a meta called UU Ubers. What this means is that Ubers with a high % usage would be banned and hence the tier would be dominated by underused threats such as Gira-A, M-Mawile, Landorus-I, Hoopa-U, Reshiram, regular Kyogre, etc, etc.

I would like to know what do you guys think about this. Perhaps a tour on showdown could let us explore it before going too far.


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This is not a new concept, and the fundamental flaw with it is that essentially, you're creating an environment where you have OU mons and the things that were deemed too much for OU in the same place. While you could have some semblance of balance in the tier (albeit, probably not much), the notion that there is a UU of ubers would mean that there could be things banned from UUbers to Ubers... which is fundamentally the same as what OU does. You're basically treading too much on OU's turf and making tiers based on Ubers as the highest metagame rather than OU as the highest metagame.
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