Tournament UUBD I - Commencement Thread


We've got to get in to get out
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UU Blind Draft Commencement Thread
--Signups Spreadsheet--​

  • Like UUPL, UUBD is an auction based tour where managers will bid on players using a select amount of credits to get them for your team
  • What separates this from other auction based tours is a “blind element.” Here, each time a player is nominated, managers cannot see the other bids placed by opposing managers for the player, rather they must “blindly” put up the value for the player they are willing to purchase without the pressure of upbids
  • After the allotted bidding period is up, the results will be shown, and whoever bids the highest value will be granted the player. In the event of a tie in credit values bid, whoever placed their bid first will get the player

The selected management pairs for UUBD I are:

:dragonair: Dark Dynasty Dragonairs :dragonair: - managed by spell and autumn
:doublade: Xenodoublade Chronicles :doublade: - managed by Estarossa and Monky25
:moltres-galar: Veilstone City Vtubers :moltres-galar: - managed by Bouff and umbry
:oshawott: Oshawa Acupuncturists :oshawott:- managed by Cam and Killintime
:primarina: Party Girl Primarinas :primarina: - managed by Lily and avarice
:sinistcha: Teatime Sinistchas :sinistcha: - managed by Floss and DugZa
:iron-crown: Guilty Crowns :iron-crown: managed by ASKOV and sasha
:dudunsparce: Dundorma Dudunsparces :dudunsparce: - managed by Accel and TSR

You can use this thread for any related UUBD thing
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We've got to get in to get out
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UUBD Price Competition
:tornadus-therian: :palkia-origin: :cobalion: :scizor: :crobat: :victini: :venusaur: :kangaskhan: :qwilfish: :tentacruel:

The rules are simple : Guess how much you will cost in this blind draft ! Send me your guesses via Discord (4keras) or via smogon PMs.
The game is simple: guess your price in the draft! Send your guesses to me in PMs either on smogon or discord. Managers self buying can't participate, sorry.

Winners of this will win : (under discussion with my team)

After the draft is done, i will check the results and say who won the game !​

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