UUber Moves 2: SM Edition! (Won by Sam I Yam)


ban all garden sneks
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if you bring a hawlucha or a haxorus i'm going to counterteam you so fucking hard it's not even funny

nvm it's gonna be funny

also is conk still allowed

i bet conk's still allowed
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We can start with a light
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won vs sparrow with luck on my side, gg and sorry again
op said:
  • You MUST send in your team to me before hand, if you're caught cheating you will be UU tour banned. You can send me the paste or use https://cryptobin.co/ if you dont trust me.
im letting this one instance slide but PLEASE remember to send me your teams over pm on smogon before you play since if you're accused of cheating you will be auto dqd with no proof you werent
r0ady I contacted my original opponent Reviloja753 less than 24 hours ago...can we please wait until 24 hours from my post to see if they still want to play?

You're online right now I see Reviloja so can you just do me a favor and courtesy and respond sayin if you want to play or not

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