Tournament UUPL VI - Week 4

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UnderUsed Premier League VI - Week 4

(7) Blackthorn City Battle Girls
Dewford Town Delinquents (3)

SM UU: Sacri' v kokoloko
SM UU: Kink v reyscarface
SM UU: Kory2600 v Lopunny Kicks
SM UU: Blackoblivion v Arifeen
ORAS UU: Pohjis v Sam
ORAS UU: YouthBerry v Dundies
BW UU: EviGaro v McMeghan
DPP UU: Heysup v Christo
ADV UU: The Kyle v Sam I Yam
GSC UU: Sage of the 6 v Lavos

(5) Moomoo Farm Cowgirls
Route 30 Youngsters (5)

SM UU: Welli0u v dodmen
SM UU: Lycans v cb jose altuve corvettes
SM UU: Gondra v Feliburn
SM UU: The Goomy v Superior91
ORAS UU: J0RIS v dingbat
ORAS UU: Ark v lax
BW UU: snagaa v NananaBatman
DPP UU: Tricking v ceraa
ADV UU: amber lamps v Kushalos
GSC UU: HANTSUKI v Bedschibaer

(8) Driftveil City Doctors
Silph Co. Spies (2)

SM UU: Cynde v Manipulative
SM UU: Eyan v blunder
SM UU: robjr v Renny
SM UU: DrReuniclus v Sabella
ORAS UU: YABO v Garay oak
ORAS UU: xMarth v Ajna (act)
BW UU: Chill Shadow v We Three Kings
DPP UU: Hikari v Hamhamhamham (act)
ADV UU: eden's embrace v Bushtush
GSC UU: cb aaron judge v BKC

(7) Safari Zone Smashers
Mikan Island Monsters (3)

SM UU: Shiba v Poek
SM UU: HT v Sun
SM UU: Aquadext v Pearl
SM UU: Freeroamer v TDK
ORAS UU: Pak v Nat
ORAS UU: Wanka v Eternal Spirit
BW UU: Finchinator v Arii Stella
DPP UU: fatty v FLCL
ADV UU: Plas v bro fist
GSC UU: Bomber.
v Kaori

Reminder: Baton Pass is BANNED in Adv and DPP UU.
Deadline May 6, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
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A) I only play USUM so it's fair I only judge USUM, B) I bet to highly on the under dog and Kink suggested I make my predictions more thoughtful so here goes.

SM UU: Sacri' v kokoloko: This is kokoloko's debut of USUM in this years UUPL on the retired staff team. Sacri is a monster with the team building power of Sage of the 6 and Kink behind him I think this should be an easy win.

SM UU: Kink v reyscarface: 1-1 in USUM this UUPL with a close victory using stall isn't the best. Especially versus Kink who, after me predicting him to lose last week, is determined to win and with a well put together team of builders I'm quite certain he will make his record 2-0.

SM UU: Kory2600 v Lopunny Kicks: I honestly think this is one of the best matchups this week. Both of these players have great records with Lopunny Kicks having only one loss, to TDK. I think the Battle Girls are going to do a clean sweep of USUM this week, because as I've emphasized their team building has been very good, so I'm predicting Kory to win.

SM UU: Blackoblivion v Arifeen: It goes without saying that Blackoblivion has obliterated all his opponents this year. Although Arifeen has proven to be an excellent and consistent player I have to say that Blackoblivion will bring a team with a winning match up and pull off a win.

SM UU: Welli0u v dodmen: Dodmen has proven to be one of the most skilled UU players and his team building style is frankly amazing. I strongly believe he will win this week despite Welli0u being undefeated in USUM.

SM UU: Lycans v cb jose altuve corvettes: I still favor Lycans as a UU SPL player and consistent builder. Jose has has a great season being 2-1 with a victory against Blunder but I think Lycans can counter team with a unique Pokemon like Tangela.

SM UU: Gondra v Void: Gondra has had a mediocre season with a loss versus Poek and a very close round 1 loss. I think he is on the rise and has been a consistent player in the past. I think with the solid teams he has been using it should be a victory for him.

SM UU: The Goomy v Superior91: Superior91 for sure. Loss vs Kink last week but that's always a tough match up. Consistent on ladder should be able to win.

SM UU: Cynde v Manipulative: This is a who's who of SPL super stars. Both really good players. I honestly can't really decide but Manipulative was player of the week and had a decent SPL record so I think he will be able to win.

SM UU: Eyan v blunder: Eyan hasn't been too consistent and I haven't seen him playing much UU before UUPL began. I favor Blunder as a better all around player with Manipulative and Bushtush backing him.

SM UU: robjr v Renny: I mean it's Rob. After having an amazing SPL season, UUPL season, and qualifying for ULT with ease, I don't see how he can lose this. With amazing team building and battling skill, to me there is no way he loses.

SM UU: DrReuniclus v Sabella: DrReun has been very consistent in his performance. One of the better USUM UU players currently because he pretty much mains the tier.

SM UU: Shiba v Poek: Poek's record speaks for itself. Flawless teams and performance and will win.

SM UU: HT v Sun: Sun is out of practice and didn't play much USUM UU this year. HT is more experienced, has more practice, and will win this match up.

SM UU: Aquadext v Pearl: I am going to go with Pearl because he is just an amazing team builder. Let's all remember the Silvally he brought that did great in his match up versus Lycans. Although Aquadext is good I just think Pearl will bring a good team and win this match up.

SM UU: Freeroamer v TDK: In his UUPL debut off of the waiver wire I know Freeroamer is excited to get to work. But honestly TDK has done nothing but play flawlessly and will win this week in what might be a very interesting game.
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