I'm not sure how the community feels about mobile games on the whole in cong, but I'm here to see how many people on smogon are into Vainglory.

Vainglory is a MOBA tweaked to fit the mobile and tablet format that focuses on having 3 heroes per team instead of the common 5, and each hero having 3 abilities and a passive called a "heroic perk". I wouldn't post this here if VG was normal p2w freemium mobile BS, but it's starting to get a large enough fanbase and E-sports following that I thought it deserved it's own thread and as far as I can see there was no thread yet.

So I guess we could maybe make a smogon guild or swap IGNs and party up every once and a while while also discussing the meta/the recent patch in terms of the viability of Blackfeather and who else is good/sucks or builds

My first thread in cong guys, tell me if I'm doing something wrong I guess :]


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this is actually pretty fun, I've just been spamming Koshka (literally given away this week!) and getting fed

I think the map layout is really weird and the jungle mines have ridiculous scaling (meaning someone can't quite sneak a mine unless they're ahead) but beyond that and a small item pool it's cool

if anyone wants to play hit me up

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