VGC 17 Discussion Thread

Worlds Predictions:
1. An American makes it to finals in Masters. (This is one of a few competitive games that the US is consistently good at, so it seems likely.)

2. Salazzle makes it on a top cut team in at least one age group. (Fake Out support with a high special attack to deal heavy damage to fairies, Kartana, and Celesteela, Salazzle seems to me like something a couple of people may turn to at Worlds. I wouldn't be too surprised if it managed to break into top 8 in Juniors or Seniors.)

3. Less Arcanine. (I am actually expecting the Worlds meta to be a bit more like last year and 2014, where both had Pokemon that were fairly ubiquitous in the Meta for the entire year, MegaKhan in 2014 and Big6 in 2016, only to not be as much of a factor at worlds, with top cut being notable for their general absence due to the fact that their being so common meant people would target them specifically. That said, the previously mentioned examples were more key components to a lot of teams. Arcanine usually performs a more supportive role, and doesn't face much competition for what it can do due to the limited Pokedex. Still, I think that people will find ways to improvise and we will see a top 8 where a single Pokemon won't be on 3/4ths of the teams there.)

4. Extreme Evoboost shows up (probably one of the more viable gimmicks, I could see someone deciding to bring it along and try to hope that people don't plan for it while planning for everything. I could see it appearing on stream at least once... but it would be a bit of a surprise if it makes it to top cut.)

5. World Champion Togedemaru (#Togedemaru2017WorldChampTheDream. In all seriousness though: Togedemaru has seen some earlier success in the meta (mostly on DoubleDuck, iirc) and therefor isn't out of the question to show up somewhere. Will we see another electric rodent shocking the world by carrying their team to victory though? Probably not. But we can all dream, can't we?)

Edit: 6. USUM news. (They've done it before with past games)

Edit2: Well either I jinxed all the things or I can't predict stuff worth a darn.
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