VGC 2013 Analyses Revamp Project


Where'd they come from? And where are they headed?
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Hello everyone! I'm sure you've noticed the lack of activity in this forum (and probably also noticed that our analyses could use a good touching up). Well, we're here to fix that! I'll be heading up a revamp of our VGC analyses, approved by the big man chaos himself. We'll be approaching the revamps in a manner similar to the recent ADV revamps: We'll be doing each analysis from scratch, with group discussions on IRC where we'll hammer out the sets through debate and playtesting, get a skeleton up, and then later have writers flesh it out. I've handpicked (with chaos's permission) new QC members who are eager and willing to help out. They are:

R Inanimate

If you are an old QC member know that you haven't been replaced and we would love to have to have your help in this as well.

We'll be meeting in #vgcqc, so if anyone wants to join in on the discussions then by all means do so! Please note that this process will be very IRC-intensive.

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