VGC 2014 Rules

Welp, there goes competitive play for another gen. Hopefully gen 7 will have less retarded restrictions.

(Protip: In any PvP game, the actual PvP is the part that matters. Choosing when to swap, what moves to use, what build to bring, what poke to bring with what EVs, etc is skillful and engaging. Spending 50 hours breeding a single pokemon and getting 15+ boxes worth of non-max pokemon is NOT skillful PvP, it's pointless grind for children who have nothing better to do. Banning legitimate max pokemon who have no illegal moves, items or abilities is the sign that someone is getting the two confused.)

Hopefully enough people enjoy breeding wars to make up for all the people who enjoy actual PvP that are sitting this gen out.
Yes... Feed me your tears lazy hacker

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