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Will you be going to worlds this year?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • No

    Votes: 14 63.6%
  • I don't know

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NOTE: Please. If you dont want to be spolied by who is the upcoming world champ, please, dont view this thread during worlds.

As for right now, Anaheim has not taken place yet, but it will soon. Leave your thoughts in a reply and whether you will/will not be going. SPOILER: IM GOING :0. Also, More will be updated as more info comes out, as well as team reports from the Top 16(Top Cut).

Updates(June 27th, 2017)(Before Worlds):

- 500k-1M Dollars in scholarships SPLIT between all top 16 players.

- Ashton Cox(linkyoshimario) is Competing this year with over 1000 CP

UPDATE(June 28th, 2017)(Before Worlds):

(Updates for July 10th. 2017)
- My friend Joshua stewart qualified.

- There will be an aneheim open. Its like a 2018 season prep.

- This is 3 days. As usual, and TPCI will pay for competitors' trips if they are the top 4 players with the most CP

- As for what I think we will see on teams, I think less Celesteela, and More Offense.

As for my team, I wont be competiting. I will be watching though, maybe we can have a meet and greet(ONLY IF ITS ALLOWED BY THE FORUM's RULES)
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