VGC Battling 101 Schedule

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Similarly to the other schedule thread in this forum, this schedule lists the dates the VGC tutoring rounds will be posted and when the round will end. Make sure to keep an eye out on this thread if you don't want to miss out on a sign-up!

VGC Battling 101 Schedule

  • Round 1: August 24th - September 6th
  • Round 2: September 10th - September 23rd
  • Round 3: September 27th - October 10th
  • Regionals: October 14th
Later dates will be announced in the future, so stay tuned!


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Courtesy of Bloo, the schedule can now be found on-site as well! It can be accessed through the OP by clicking the 'VGC Battling 101 Schedule' link in bold.
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