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Name: Fluore
Relevant Social Media: naoribbon (discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): all
Bio: idk why the signups are still open but why not
Name: Darthnius
Relevant Social Media: Darthnius (Discord/Twitter)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2020, 2022, 2023, 2024 (Gen 8, 9)
Bio: Top 128 Turin Special Event 2023, cut some grassroots tours
Name: BigMikeOG
Relevant Social Media: GAZ_BIGMIKEOG (Twitter)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): '13, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19, '22, Reg D
Bio: It has been millennia since I was last unchained to lead my followers into the unforgiving battlefield of classic VGC formats. I was, as I had warned my comrades, a risk to draft, and it will be a risk to draft me again. I always was and always will be a dangerous VGC player, dangerous gamer, and dangerous man. This time, however, my soul is alight with a new tint of flame. You see, while the classic formats remain frozen in time, like the image of a lover gone too soon, the world around them changes with its merciless passage. Today, I regain my sight and gaze upon a world unrecognizable to me. But what a wonderful era it is to be reawakened! The chaff of today speaks of Dynamax formats like they're for the oldheads; imagine how they'll cower when I employ techniques unseen since the KangClef era!

I will remind any team that risks drafting me that I am doing this for myself. If you are immolated by my ineffability, counted amongst the collateral damage of my conquest, you were simply too weak. But those who brave fanning my flame and also possess the durability to withstand the strains of my greatness will be reborn better VGC players, better gamers, I daresay better individuals, exceptional even among peers of eras past and eras to come.
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Name: SeaSoil
Social Media: SeaSoilVGC on Twitter, seasoil on Discord
Formats: Active during and will play VGC Regulation D, VGC 2022, unofficial but will still play VGC 19 Ultra, VGC 18, VGC 17, VGC 16
Name: Giompy
Relevant social media: X (@giompy1), discord (.giompy)
Formats played: vgc22, vgc19 a bit, didn't play the rest but i think i can play them all if there's the need.
Bio: figlio della dynamax
Name: Peppe
Relevant Social Media: @peppemusicco
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
every format from VGC 16 onwards
Mega > Tera > Gems > Z >>> Dynamax
Name: NikyuAlex
Twitter and Discord: NikyuAlex

Formats Played: VGC 17, VGC 18, VGC 19 Sun, Moon and Ultra Series, VGC 2022 (also all the other Swoshi's Series), all the ScaVio Series

Bio: Veteran player in both single and team competitions -- Top 4 Turin SPE 2023, Top 8 Barcelona SPE 2023, Top 8 Bologna SPE 2024, Zelda Challenge 2018 Champion, Desafio VCL 1 Champion, Pokemon Team Championship 1 Champion, 3x NPA player (2020, 2021, 2024)
Relevant Social Media: Discord: ryugami_ Twitter: Ryugami_lol
Formats played (please state the actual format names): all started from vgc22series12 onwards
Bio: Started playing Pokemon in early 2022 with VGC, have been an active player since then
Did lot of locals and online tournaments with some decent result and the last month I did my first major, ending in a disappointing 4-5 since I was really prepared but the pressure and anxiety made me not play at my 100%
I was always interested in playing old formats and often talked about old formats and ideas with friends
Name: AleK97
Relevant Social Media: alek2727(discord), @AleK97VGC (X)
Formats played: Every format since 2016
Bio: Nah, I'd win
Name: PqlarBear
Relevant Social Media: @ PqlarBear
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
VGC 2018, 2019S, 2019M, 2019U, 2020 Series 1-6, 2021 Series 7-11, 2022 Series 12-13 & Spikemuth Cup, 2023 Series 1-Regulation E, 2024 Regulation F-G
I have been watching VGC for a decade (2014 U.S. Nationals), but only started playing official tournaments at the beginning of the 2018 season. Looking to play VGC 2015-2019.

Top 8 San Diego Regionals 2023
Top 32 Europe Internationals 2023
World Championships Competitor 2023
Top 16 Pittsburgh Regionals 2024
World Championships Qualifier 2024
Name: MaxLJCR
Twitter: @Max_LJCR
Discord: Maxljcr#0000
Formats: I've been around in the VGC Community since 2014
Top4 x2 in San José Special Events 2016
Top4 San José Special Event 2017
Top8 México Regional 2017
Second Place San José Special Event 2019
Top4 Bogota Special Event 2023
Top32 Global Challenge II 2024
1st Place Bogota Special Event 2024
Name: CROC (KrelCROC)
Relevant Social Media: @Krelcroc & discord : KrelCROC
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC'13, VGC'15, VGC'16, VGC'17, VGC'18, VGC'19, VGC'22
Bio: Looking forward to play Dark Void Smeargle, pre-nerf Lax, Z-moves and Megas! Infinite dopamine!
TrainerRob, @TrainerRobVGC(twitter), Rob026125(discord)
Played VGC17,18,19,20,22,23,24
Would be great to have the chance to play old formats again!

I Am a Rookie

Name: I Am a Rookie
Twitter: RookieVGC
Formats played: 15, 16, a bit of 17, but am willing to play 13 or 18 as well (where is 14?? >:[ )
Bio: Logged into this account for the first time in ~5 years to sign up for this.
Name: GENGARboi
Relevant Social Media: gengarboi_
Formats played: VGC 2016 & 2019sun
Bio: i am best at those 2 formats but I can play all others if u need. Where is reg e?? Actually I think I won some tournament in reg d I guess I’ll play that too. Wait 2015 too…


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Signups are now closed, thank you everyone for signing up!
Draft will be taking place Sunday June 16 16:00 GMT-4 in the SmogonVGC Room! (38.5 hours from this message) <t:1718568000:F><t:1718568000:R>
If you have any questions, just send me a Smogon DM or message me on Discord! (
Keep your eyes peeled for a potential mock draft on Saturday :)
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