VGC Ghosting Tour - Round 2


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(im so sorry for the delay ive been working on a cs project all week pls no kill)

Round 2
HAM vs TPCi Rejects
Hobbit_jr98 Articuno man The Mastodon vs RK_pocoyo AletheiaVGC reynism
Just the two of us vs Sky High Rayquazas
Jozzz Deztroyer4 vs pix Sole Survivor Ace Emerald
Celadon City Coalossals vs The Roman Empire
TyphoeusVGC Kaisamessiah neilvgc vs 3v2d poogang Chrome8
Celestic Farts vs Team India
Brede Kyriakou Butch Hardnight vs ck49 shadekirby321 donaldwsjr
Ghastly Gentlemen vs AC Milan
Duck-Monke pLOpy13 Nosnort vs zee Gramgus BigMikeOG
Normalize Ghosting vs Team Mewmart
Asurah Arekusabi Juanfi vs mewmart GoogleDad Giokio
The Play Roughs vs MataSuegras
Tanner Mask Bazook Purplepiglis vs DarkJorch Tabu_24 ikerdds
Toasted Racoon vs Team Rocket
Yourwelcomethanku ToastNoButter Microwave Raccoon vs Helios of Sun Kotomi Clipperz

The round deadline is Sunday April 24th at 11:59 GMT-4. Let me know if you have any scheduling conflicts ASAP!!​

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