Tournament VGC PL III Manager Signups

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I am an impatient person so manager signups are going up now!

VGC PL III Overview:
  • 8/10 teams to play in an 8v8 regular season, followed by a 7v7 playoffs stage featuring the top 4 teams
  • Format overview is as follows:
    • x5 SV Regulation C
    • x1 SwSh Rotation between VGC 2020 (Series 5), VGC 2021 (Series 7/9), and VGC 2022 (Series 12)
    • x1 SM Rotation between VGC 2017, VGC 2018, and VGC 2019
    • x1 extra SwSh or SM rotation based on above poll + signup popularity
  • 120k budget for a min of 11 players, no max player cap
    • Bidding prices start at 3k
  • Each team can have 3 managers, two of which can be bought for a TBD price (be prepared for only 1 allowed to play)
  • Trades for players can happen until the start of Week 1
  • No retains from previous iterations
  • Standings will follow a points system, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. (Tiebreakers will be specified in Admin Thread later)
  • All SV games are to be played in the Open Team Sheet format, old gens are Closed Team Sheet
As a manager team, your responsibilities will be:
  • attending the draft and selecting an eligible team of players
  • sending rosters to the commissioner on time weekly (Aldrich is not as kind as me so you better submit them on time
  • resolving any conflicts that arise
  • motivating your team to have a great season!
The managers will be picked by the commissioner (hi that's me), Aldrich, and any VGC forum moderators who are not participating in VGC PL III (probably none)

Signup Format:
Team Name:
Relevant Social Media:
Why should you be selected to manage?:

Example Signup 1:
Team Name: Mossdeep Mudkips

Relevant Social Media:, Eeveon7♪#6561 Eeveon7 on Smogon
Timezone: GMT-4
Co-manager(s): Imagine having friends
Why should you be selected to manage?: Because I'm bad at the game I've been a part of many other VGC team tours before, including every iteration of VGC PL. I am competent at creating (slightly) comprehensive spreadsheets for scouting/tournaments, in addition to having positive chat presence. I'm also the world's best bench-warmer.
Manager Signups: April 17- April 23
Player Signups: April 14 - April 28.
Draft: TBD
Week 1: May 8 - May 14
Week 2: May 8 - May 14
Week 3: May 15 - May 21
Week 4: May 22 - May 28
Week 5: May 29 - June 4
Week 6: June 5 - June 11
Week 7: June 12 - June 18
Week 8: June 19 - June 25
Week 9: June 26 - July 2

Semifinals: July 3 - July 10
Finals: July 11 - July 17
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Team Name:
Hau'Oli City Ohana


Relevant Social Media:

bat - GMT-5
Megamite - GMT-4
Fumito - GMT-3

Why should you be selected to manage?:
Fumito, Megamite, and I should be selected to manage considering our extensive draft league experience, both as players and managers. Most recently Nick and I being in Top 4 of NPA S12 playoffs at the time of this post.

Team Tour Experience
Slateport City Cruisers | NPA Season 12 (Manager)
Postwick United | NPA Season 11 (Player)

Sunsteel Strikers | SCL Season 1 (Manager)
Hammerlocke Hydreigons | PGL Season 1-3 (Player/Manager)
Hau'Oli City Ohana | VGCPL 2 (Manager)
Driftveil Dirges | VGCWL 2 (Manager)
Ever Grande Ladies | Wacka World Tour 4 (Player/Manager)
Giratina Origin | EGL Season 1-2 (Player/Manager)
Kentucky/Tennesee | USPA Season 1-2 (Player/Manager)

Slateport City Cruisers | NPA Season 12 (Player)
Team Canada 2017 - 2022 | World Cup of VGC (Player/Manager)
Hau'Oli City Ohana | VGCPL Season 1-2 (Manager)
Driftveil Dirges | VGCWL 2 (Manager)
Giratina Origin | EGL Season 2 (Manager)
Swill Bois | PGL Season 2 (Manager)
Tiete River Shell Warriors | APL 2019 (Player)
Team Canada | USPA Season 2 (Player/Manager)

Aether Paradise Symbionts | NPA Season 8-10 (Manager)
PLATAM | World Cup of VGC 2017 - 2020 (Player/Manager)
Commissioner of World Cup of VGC in 2020
Team Brazil | VR World Cup 2021 (Player)
Team Brazil | Copa America 2017-2020 (Player/Manager)
Hau'Oli City Ohana | VGCPL 1 (Manager)
Driftveil Dirges | VGCWL 2 (Player)
Tiete River Shell Warriors | APL 2018 - 2019 (Manager)
Name: Howkings
Team Name: Kyoto Kingambits
Relevant Social Media: / / Only Smogon for me so far
Timezone: I'm GMT +2, my Co-Managers are both EST
Co-manager(s): JoeUX9 NJ11
Why should you be selected to manage?: As a relevant Smogon VGC result, we have playoffs in last Winter League with identical manager roster. I have a lot of experience and good results as a manager in smogon tiers, while Joe and NJ are very good VGCers that in my opinion won't need an introduction


Team Name:
Spikemuth Scream


Relevant Social Media:

Chongjun GMT+8
HPMetapod GMT+8
UberVylit GMT-4

Why should you be selected to manage?:
We place a lot of emphasis on the interaction between players, as team tournaments are a platform for people to make friends and improve together. Achieving results is also a very important goal for us. In the past I have achieved solid results as a co-manager: Postwick Pranksters made runner-up in VGCPL 2. Both Makima and Metapod have achieved notable individual and team results and are interested in creating a positive, competitive environment by applying what they’ve learned through other tournaments.

Team Tour Experience
Saffron City Crown | NPA Season 12 (Player)
Snowpoint Stargazers | NPA Season 11 (Player)
Postwick Pranksters | VGCPL 2 (Player/Manager)
Team SoCal | USPA Season 1-2 (Player)
Team China | VR World Cup 2022 (Player)

Slateport City Cruisers | NPA Season 12 (Player)
Dewford Dozos | VGCWL 2 (Player)
Team Yellowstone | USPA Season 2 (Player)
Chicago Double-Darms | LRL (Player)

Malie City Monarchs | NPA Season 12 (Player)
Zui Zoruas | VGCWL 2 (Player)
Zui Zoruas | VGCPL 2 (Player)
Team China | VR World Cup 2022 (Player)


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Name: yuki

Team Name: Mistralton Aerial Aces
Co-manager(s): trace, CROC
Relevant Social Media: @ps_yuki | @1_falling_leaf | @KrelCROC
Timezone: GMT+1 | GMT+7 | GMT+9

Why should you be selected to manage?:
A VGCPL without the Aces feels a tiny bit fraudulent, so I'm willing to somewhat unretire to come and do this. Me and trace have managed these leagues before, we want to improve on our semi-finals finish last time around. KrelCROC is a super experienced player and manager as part of Team South Korea in the World Cup of VGC, and an Aces player from last season now stepping up to manage alongside us.

Team Tour Experience:
Hau'oli City Ohanas | VGCPL I (Player)
Snowbelle Powder Snows | PGL II (Player)
Kotobuki Kittens | PGL III (Player)
Mistralton Aerial Aces | VGCWL I, VGCPL II (Manager, 3rd, T4)
Kiloude City Kilowattrels | VGCWL II (Manager, Champions)

Team Indonesia 2021-2022 | World Cup of VGC (Player)
Mistralton Aerial Aces | VGCWL I, VGCPL II (Manager, 3rd, T4)
Heatran Forge | EGL II (Player)
Spacial Friends | VCL III (Manager)
Several Smogon Team Tours (Way too many to list)

Team South Korea 2021-2022 | World Cup of VGC (Manager)
Fuschia Ninjas | NPA 3 (Player)
Hearthome Holy Spirits | NPA 5 (Player)
Fallarbor Flames | NPA 6 (Player)
Goldenrod Rollouts | NPA 8 (Player)
Snowbelle Blizzards | NPA 11 (Player)
Slateport Cruisers | NPA 12 (Player)
Mistralton Aerial Aces | VGCPL II (Player)

Helios of Sun

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Name: Helios

Team Name: Wyndon Hurricanes

Relevant Social Media:

Helios - GMT +8
izzy22x - GMT -7
CML - GMT +2


Why should you be selected to manage?:
The three of us has strong resumes within management, and we are very motivated to give it a shot in this League. Izzy and I have been working together for a while as management, and we have recently made it to NPA Playoffs as the 2nd seed in a Snowbelle Blizzards which was power ranked lowly by many other players. CML and I have also worked in the past in the Sootopolis City League, and we won the entire League as management, winning the grand prize of $800. He is also a very strong NPA competitor, having went 7-2 in NPA XI and 6-2 in the recently concluded NPA regular season. Given our strong recent history as management, I think that we will make a great addition to the League, and we would like to be given the opportunity to do so!
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Name: Leru
Team Name: Dave's Dondozos
Relevant Social Media:
Co-manager(s): Stone Cold (GMT-4), Z Strats (GMT-7)
Why should you be selected to manage?: Stone Cold and me are currently managing in SSPL, ADVPL, SMPL, UUFPL and NPL together, meaning we are an experienced duo who know and complement eachother well. Z Strats is a good long-time friend of both of us. I have experience managing in WCoP and SCL and Stone Cold has also managed in WCoP, SCL and SPL, collecting almost all of his six trophies in the former two tournaments as a manager. Z Strats also has experience with doubles (he had the best record in DOU in SCL for 2 years in a row and he also played VGC in the NPA). We would like to manage a team in the upcoming VGCPL to expand our own knowledge of VGC as a format and believe that our vast experience and knowledge of the VGC playerbase will lead our team to success.
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Team name: Hau'Oli Heat
Managers: Me, W3AV0 and TBD
Timezones: GMT+2

Why should you be selected to manage?: We have a lot of experience in VGC tournaments and in draft leagues like Smogon, NPA or SCL.
W3AV0 has a large experience playing in old formats and we both can help perfectly in Gen8 and Gen9.
I managed a team that finished at second place at SCL and managed too in EGL Heatran Forge and spanish leagues.
We would like to manage a team in the upcoming VGC PL to give a chance to play to the hispanic comunity and to new players in smogon.


Name: Kylan (PsychedVGC)
Team Name: Glaseado Mountain Greedents
Relevant Social Media:
Timezone: Kylan and Darts GMT -4, ZardiChar GMT -7
Co-manager(s): Darts ZardicharVGC
Why should you be selected to manage?:
- Managed Glaseado Mountain Greedents in most recent Winter League
- ZardiChar played for the Driftveil Detectives in NPA 11, played for Team Jamaica in World Cup 2022, Finished Top 16 in the 2023 Vancouver Regionals, and finished Top 4 as NorCal's manager in USPA Season 2 after a 5-0 start. He also managed Team Dojo for VCL and the Twinleaf Turtwigs for Littleroot Lessons' draft league.
- Kylan played for Team Canada in World Cup 2022, Top 4 Worlds 2022 (Seniors), Finalist EUIC 2023 (Seniors), and managed Team Canada for USPA Season 2.
- Darts won NAIC 2022 (Seniors) and finished Top 16 at the 2022 World Championships (Seniors).

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Nuvema Town Ninetales
Managers: Zelda Eeveon7 Snow
Timezones: GMT+10 GMT+9 and GMT-4 for third
Why should you be selected to manage?: won 2 out 3 Smogon VGC Team Leagues we managed in and got Top 4 in the one we didn't win
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Managers: Brede and Jamie Kean
Team name: (we are signing up very last minute, so we'll find a cool team name and logo if we are to be selected)
Relevant Social Media:

Brede: @bredvgc on twitter, brede#6513 on discord
Jamie: @thinkjamiekean on twitter, Jamie Kean#1242on discord
GMT +1 and+2
Why should you be selected to manage?:
We both have plenty of managing experience in different tournaments, me being manager for EGL Heatran Forge, SCL Hau'oli Heat and Team Norway in VR World Cup. Jamie is a current NPA manager for Celestic Stars, while also manager for Team UK in VR World Cup.


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Thank you so much for all for applying, we had many strong applicants and it was tough to select the managers for this year's tour! Even if your team didn't get selected, we hope you'll join as a player! Here are the selected managers!
If you are a spare, please be prepared to be chosen as a team, as we may ask both teams to join if we have enough of a player pool to include 10 teams in this tour! Encourage your friends to sign up, it'll increase your chances of joining us this year!

Please join the SmogonVGC Discord if you are a manager! Link is here

Player Signups will be up until Friday 28th! Be sure to signup and get your friends to as well! Player Signups
Interest Forms/tryouts may be linked in the Commencement Post, be sure to keep an eye on those!
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