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Programming VGCSpreader: An automatic tool to create efficient spreads

I present to you VGCSpreader: an automatic tool you can use to calculate spreads for the VGC format that hit offensive/defensive benchmarks you need most.
It has been out in the wild for a couple of months but right now i feel it is somewhat mature enough to be used, however it is still under an heavy development.

Long story short: Let's say you need an Adamant Incineroar that can resist a combination of a Fake Out by an opposing Incineroar + a Precipice Blades from an opposing Primal Groudon, both at -1 attack. I also want my Incineroar to survive two consecutive Kartana's Sacred Sword at -1. On top of that i want my Incineroar to be able to 1HKO an opposing Lunala with a -1 Malicious Moonsault. VGCSpreader can find the spread that does this in a matter of seconds.

It manages rolls and has some cool advanced features, i don't want to explain all the nuances here, there is a README available at the project's github page with some examples and use cases: https://github.com/Slashcash/vgcspreader

Here are some screenshots:

I like to think at this as the natural adaptation of the Trainer Tower's Survival Calc for the VGC as it is tailored for the format's uniqueness, but it can of course be used by single's players too.

Source code
You will always find the latest release HERE

Please note that not all moves/items/abilities which affect damage calculation with secondary effects are correctly supported. In the README you can find a list of all the abilities/moves/items that you can expect to work as they should. But this is still a young software in a beta state and bugs can pop up almost everywhere. Always double check the calculated distribution with an external damage calculator. Feel free to bug report, give some hints and contribute.
This is really great for people who are trying to get into VGC! Thank you so much! Will their ever be a version for Smogon Singles Metas?
This is really great for people who are trying to get into VGC! Thank you so much! Will their ever be a version for Smogon Singles Metas?
Honestly i don't think there is a great need for another tool that calculate evs for Smogon Singles meta. Its 1v1 nature makes the evs calculation based on benchmarks really straightforward and the Trainer Tower Survival Calc does a great job at that. I programmed this because i wanted to calculate evs distribution to survive double attacks instead of single attacks. Of course it can be easily used in some specific situations by Smogon players although the lack of certain basic feature (stealth rock calculation the first one that comes to mind) makes it a software pretty tailored towards vgc

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